Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hypnotic Adult Videos

While critical questions about the nature of mind control are there, to be answered.  As in forced actions, even though those actions are not correct.
What is brainwashing really like?

A special attention below just for, changing of my enemies.  Because I care about their feelings, so desire for them to feel different.
   My enemies need some heavy mental manipulation, with this being one source of some serious mental state.

With enemies needing to believe something, about themselves.

Along with my enemies needing to contact, this woman to assist them.

That above is the link to assist my enemies in their quest to feel differently, without questioning the cost.  Of being made to feel differently, while demanding critical questions, must be silenced.

People are mind controlled, into allowing plenty of these destructive patterns to continue.  So what happens next, reveals the actual complexity of situations.
Without mind control, people can do little things to empower their selves while having difficulties.  Yet certain examples of this approach are different from, the heroic approach.

Doing small things can be a manageable thing, instead of huge goals.

   Such as finding less severe examples of mind control, in the area of adult entertainment.  And along with some people looking to mind-control, as just being wetting.

It is possible for a man to develop, forced wetting. This is the Femdom Version.

This is the Female Domination version of, forced wetting.

Other people exist with, Hypnotically Oriented Adult Videos.

This plan about loading up with laxatives, was interesting.

While this is all about the money, with a source that can be felt.

This pants wetting is around intimidation, from a woman.

It is clown time, getting into the shit and piss routine.

This wetting is from, a clown guiding a person to wet.

This is a brown mess in those pants, from the clown.

   Forms of oppression, are many with some not able to easily be avoidable.  Because of lack of easy detectability, escape can also be difficult.  Just like other difficult to evaluate accurately things.

What prison can not be escaped?

Mind control is often about perceptions, instead of enforcing agreements followed by, demanding others hold up their end.  Resulting in certain longer term difficulties, from such evil.

Information can be manipulated to adjust the perceived reality, so as to then make possible people participating in their oppression.  While this participation establishes plenty of longer term difficulties, people do not desire those bad thoughts.  So the truth silenced will lead to, not enough time to adjust to avoid coming destruction.

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