Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The thought of some toys are nice.

Some sensation items can be nice.

   I might lose control of bowels and bladder, with sensation play.  Yet sensation play has a place, just like equipment for situational incontinence.  Then terry cloth with difference from birdseye cloth or even that comfortable gauze, can lead to trouble.  As in terry cloth easily allows adult sized safety pins into the material.

   While a flogger can be sensation play, even with a short duration wetting of the tips of the flogger.  With pleasures existing in plenty of places, as such difficulties will arrive.  With loosening of foot bottoms happening, with some erotically oriented versions of floggers.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Curse creation practice resulted in Poltergeist Activity, that soon enough disappeared.

   This curse from Saturday the 12th of September in this Year of Our Lord, 2015.  Is intended to drain life and repair my flesh, so my body can again become completely whole.  At the expense of certain deserving people, my repair of body will happen.  For I will to last long enough to help an artist again known as Allen Eberle.

   With this requiring, plenty of destruction along the path to assisting that one.  And Splintle Mania will live on, especially with all of the controversy that endures.  Along with plenty of harm being done from the situation that will arrive in the future, yet those invisible forces were stirred up possibly to with some of the ambiguity leading to the targeting of my Big Brother.

   For repair of my body will be one of those needs, and I plan on meeting that need.  With vengeance being one of those things, to be received by those that will just keep coming with what they list as being goodness.  Because willfully ignorant condition of involvement is just one of those actions, meant to enforce cosmetically wonderful conditions.  With actual results being a terrible item, so they will die slow deaths for my benefit.

   So I will again travel to desired places, after this age of terror for self-promotion at my expense ends.  Then I will eventually travel to some other location in the World, all while these things eventually develop a group of alterations.  For repair will require some time to complete, because there is both surface damage and other damage to my body.  And I am planning for this process to become severe enough to cause a visible youthfulness to my flesh, because this needs to harm.

   And my mentioning through text this curse, benefits me by assisting the empowering of this process.  Being the process of killing so I might live, to assist some other people. For many exist that desire to enforce those they accuse me of desiring to spend time with, while also removing people I enjoy the company.  As for my accusers, desiring to manipulate me into relations with people that are harmful to myself.  To them I wish for a crowd to enter their personal life to steal everything they hold dear, then time enough to manipulate my life will stop existing for those people.

   In my life, exist enough trouble.  And for some reason, magically defined misconduct is one of those areas of difficulty.  So I will continue doing some destruction, with my continued existing being part of the continued result.  With rapid manifestations of magical conduct existing on the concretely defined level.  So allow news of some visits of the Witch's Council to bring the controversy, because if I have competently acted then time will not be much of an issue.  For some curses meant to drain selected groups of people of their personal life, will allow others to become filled with life.