Saturday, July 4, 2015

Items for appearance, can also be useful.

   With this being one example, of less forcefulness leading to, a more acceptable result.  And the instructor compared that to his being different, in terms of appearance.  While there are also bracelets being available, for creation.  And people do not look to actual application, such as what actually works the best for certain intended uses.

   As for destruction, certain avoidance of a cutting edge can be done for durability.  So bone splitting blades, war hammers, and even the mace are choices.  With edges for energy transfer enhancing, or introducing complications from prolonged bleeding.  With one example looking like an edged weapon, while using momentum while not having much of an edge.

   So arms design is one of those interesting items, with examples existing about compromises.  With this video, showing what exceptions to conventional wisdom can do.  Along with cheap looking items working, with fancy looking items failing.  With some items able to do nasty things to a living person, yet fail in other categories.  Such as the cleanly doing a kill, yet conditions exist where waiting for medical complications to do a kill is possible.  Just with this being different than, battlefield conditions where great precision being lacking.

   As for preparation, some tools and other equipment made of metal can work well.  With this Iron Dummy being explained, by one of the experts.  Along with a purchase location being available, for future preparation.  That purchase location has been given, while the price might be difficult to find.  While enemies will judge things based on cosmetics only, such as how good they can look.  This review process will eventually end with my having, training to deal decisively with them, even if I die in the process.