Sunday, May 31, 2015

The green stones, with the third eye.

   That role of Kyanite, as in green and over the third eye.  As part of a chain mail head-wear piece, this like other kyanite examples, will prove important.

This is a video, explaining two reference books for stones.

   With themes involving the heart, there are always more concrete examples.  Such as one of the evil sticks versions, found at Cane-IAC.  With plenty of carbon fiber, along with two balls and a heart.  While the version with the heart on one end, seems to have discontinued.  Even though carbon fiber

Here is the reference, to the scepter needed for that last fight.

   A wand will point easily to precise placement, unlike a baton with grip potential along the whole length for variety of impact.  With precision instead of blunt force trauma variation with the baton, along with staff beginning with easily lethal force use.  Batons will shatter bodies, while heavier clubs crush things.  This scepter is mostly a wand, not the mace with an end to crush through armor.

   This psychic approach involves multiple manifestations of kyanite use, in the costuming process.  While black can refer to stability, with a more pure blackness being more stable relative to this realm.  Then the white involves adaptivity such as metal, as in a chain mail dress.  These stones, are symbolic to the psychic bridging with the physical.  Along with different colors, integrated into the chain mail, for symbolized flexibility of approach.

   Along with the harmonizing of the physical and the psychic forces, addressing how these are different.  Involves actively bringing things into harmony, instead of proclaiming no harmony is needed.  While symbolism proclaiming these two to be separate, will subtly enrage those coercing all to proclaim the clearly so, to be some type of fantasy.  The psychic by being related to the physical, is not the same as the physical, while enforcement of a perspective involves coercing on many levels.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Calling me Tiffany, is also communicating something people do not actually want to say.

The appearance of God, expressed in a name.

   This appearance of God, expressed in a Holiday, celebrated as part of Greek Culture.  Yet God manifested among us, results in powerful symbolism to manipulate.  With a god working through a feminine form of the name, for god manifested.  As in the source of something terrible, given an attractive form, instead of being the active pursuer of the desired.

   As for the Red Neon Colored Hair, and Red Tights for both upper and lower body.  For exposed areas, not covered by banded leather for the lower legs and forearms, the red will show.  And a neon red for this clothing, will be ideal.  With Milliskin being a knitted product, that is thin light and stretchy.  Able to go under other clothings, such as a dress, for that slippage.

Here is a reference to the Milliskin.

   If a full shield was used, instead of an Italian Renaissance Buckler, such as one made by Windlass Steelcrafts.  Then all of that weight must be reasoned out.  Such as with shaped mesh, forming high cut resistance for each unit of mass.  With multiple layers of mesh.

Here is the reference to Mesh.

   With this mesh forming a pattern meant to disorient other people.  Much like scrim that can be added could also do,  such as with dark gauze backing the area behind the mesh layers.  Then extra protection against thrusting arms, to save the limbs holding the shield from being, thrust into.

   And if the goal of people, is plenty into a place fast, to enforce an advantage during a brawl.  Then listing this as being a fair and friendly arrangement, then engineering for this type of arrangement is possible.  Such as realizing a single person can walk in a straight line, in situations where a group of vehicles run into chain-link fences on opposing sides of the road.  With turning being an example of applying a Chicane to, the entry area.

   With slowing of group traffic, involving synthetic fence outdoors and wire mesh barriers indoors.  And there is an agricultural grade to that fencing, being to prevent a crowd from running straight at the doors.  For those situations where, concrete steps in two directions going to the upper floor is not possible.  Or some service area where the barrier forces people to park away from the door, unless climbing over the barrier is preferred.

   For establishing a barrier, for Wi-Fi signals, chicken wire can be used.  Even though the hard wired security cameras will still work in that environment.  So hardening the structure against coordination by intruders will be great.  While portable CB-Radios will be usable, for people coordinating countering things such as invasion.

   So determining about this dress rehearsal with waterproof eyeliner, along with other things will be an issue.  Along with crowd control going into a structure, is also crowd control for leaving the structure.  With mirrored bubbles for security cameras with a mystery direction to point, will be usable for identification later.  So network analysis of the most arrogant of people can then happen, for them to actually brag about their involvements over a period of time.  So they can be used to gather meta-data about, certain activities.

   Along with dress rehearsal will be testing of stage lighting and light cannons, for illuminating the potential conflict area.  As in lighting with sound system and cameras, while lighting can be with Black Lights.  Just for adding an optical strangeness to things, because this is just like dry-ice fog and even liquid nitrogen performance area cooling.  That water to warm the dry ice must be both tested and made to function, otherwise the violent crowd will not feel as though something is not going according to their plans.

   With some people wanting to place fishnet types of weaves, into all things.  And the trouble with that, is heat conductivity loss through air ventilating all the moisture from near the skin.  Even though it is great for improving appearance, along with preventing dampness.  In a warm environment, this allows vapor to escape faster for cooling, along with trapping heat in the air pockets created by this pattern.  References to fishnet patterns worn under armor are common, to avoid trapped moisture.

   As for optical effects, smoke and mirrors style can be used with Metallic Fiber.  With reflective to some radio signals, along with reducing static electricity types of fabric.  Where light on the lit side creates a mirror, with the dark side creating a see through area.  And a see through wall, with the lights on activated by the intruders to blind them, to what is on the other side, establishes an easier ambush.

   While some people desire, Lurex for costuming.  It is one of those static electricity shedding yarns.  So clingy yarns can have the static discharge more easily with Lurex being used in certain undergarments.  And if the work environment is dusty, this could lead to less dust sticking to the person.  This type of uniform could be used with a Tesla Gun wielding group.

   This Tesla Gun is real, with foot long sparks, so Lurex for costuming would be needed by its users.  So enjoy these many references, to possible destruction, from wielding a group of Tesla Guns.  For the mad intruders, deciding to advertise their entry then proclaim, there to have been no way of knowing the lethal potential.  With the joke being, metallic cloth can only take so much charge, before the protection potential fails.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Throat protection, with posture collar.

   When using lamb's skin, of the vegetable tanned variety, it will be very soft.  And easily deform to shape, so double layering for strength is needed.  Then felt is added before the outer double layer is added, for four layers of leather at the middle buckle, with the felt spacer separating the pair of double layers of specially ordered leather.

   This inside the collar felt, can be Nuno Felting.  Often used in the fashion industry.  Along with those layers of vegetable tanned lamb's skin, double layered slowly yielding to shape.  With buckle systems requiring steel lined holes in those straps, because of the extreme softness the leather will exhibit.

This is the link to the article to Nuno Felting, complete with referencing to other sources.

   And this felt can be made to a Crimson Red, to draw the eyes to the collar.  With the inner two layers being made wide for greater comfort, such as with a three inch wide or wider collar.  Along with from one inch up to two inches up from the lower edge, those outer two layers can exist.  With the breaking in process allowing a deforming of the wide inner double layer for comfort.  All while a felt separator helps distribute the force from, those outer two layers.

   The liner felt can feel soft like silk, even though wet felting can be used to create the spacer felt.  With spacer felt for preventing stresses from excessively thickly stacked lamb's wool, from having its fiber used to bind it such as paraffin coated flax fiber from ripping through it.  And these buckles will have a metal cylinder to roll across, instead of rub across the lamb's skin straps.

   Those lined collars can be silky smooth on the inside, because of applied use of felting.  And this will hinder the blood circulation reduction caused by, finger grabs and choke holds to the throat.  Along with reducing blood vessel constriction in the neck, because of circulation near the spinal column.  Yet vegetable tanning is for a special softness just like lamb's skin, with both together being a custom order.

A red cape, for use with that chain mail dress

   One option for material is, boiled wool.  Meant to be more durable and windproof, because fibers are felted.  Much like worsted wool has a durability level, yet fibers are different because of length, so the entire processing is different.  And felt is a different process than this.

This is about boiled wool, along with its common applications.

   While if avoiding chain-mail on the head, alternatives exist such as hard-felt with pieces of surface metal.  Along with Nuno Felting, acting as a liner material.  So as to create a wool to wool marriage, as a hard felt outside, with a Nuno Felt inside for padding.  Even though a less elegant answer would be cotton.

This is general information about felt, from a potentially biased place.

Hard felt has an application, while also holding a place in people's cultural identity.

   Not all felt, ends up as the Hard Felt, often used in the Bowler Hat.  Instead, the Nuno Felting is a process allowing fibers such as Merino Wool, to drape like silk.  So felt can be used as armor, with its own group of difficulties.  Yet will be study enough against most empty handed strikes.

   With one substitute for boiled wool being, velour of the natural version.  This velour comes in multiple weights, yet is used for ease of movement and a velvety appearance.  So is less restrictive than using Lyons Velvet for a dress, under the chain-mail dress, while supplying the black under the steel.

   Yet since a warm and casual appearance is generated by the velour, it is not the dress oriented material, known as jersey.  And jersey is not the outerwear for comfort, but would contrast with the chain mail dress resting on it.  So jersey cloth is for greater visual appeal.

   While I prefer comfort and softness, so for personal use what supports that chain mail would be velour fabric.  And greater visual effects, such as a sharper contrast with color would use, Duvetyne.  With that Duvetyne being a version of twill fabric, with a velvet like nap on one side.  So the denseness of twill fabric, with Duvetyne avoids the comfort level of velour.  For preserving my life longer, when the variation of chain mail dress, is made of welded stainless steel.

   This is the listing of the version of tweed, that would have the stiffness for formal dresses and suits.  And that black version of this Duvetyne will be entirely black, on one side.  So it provides more protection for the dress, used with the chain mail dress.  With that Duvetyne providing a cape that is black, with its outside being on the side with the nap.  Those in motion pictures use this for light control, while it is also listed as, commando cloth.

   For this homicidal application, both jersey and velour are not the preferred materials.  Instead Duvetyne because of it being a twill, combined with the optical quality provided by the nap, will be better.

   A thin light and stretchy material, for tights is known as Milliskin.  Also used in the motion picture industry for costuming.  By clinging to the body and allowing breathable contact, with enough concealment just like with, costumes for certain people playing the role of superheroes. 

   With near the body, Coolmax is a trade-name to a specially engineered polyester knitted fabric.  And those other brand names exist, but under clothing such as a full slip could benefit from these engineered characteristics.  It is not about the brand name, so a competitors fabric could be used.

Fantasy inspired skirts are available.

   Some of these are just from special request, such as a maker of an adjustable length skirt.  With built in examples of practicality, with unknown ease of care.  So costume maintaining people would be needed for such an accessory, with my not usually having it with me, including in a closet.

Here is the shop location, of that individual.

   While examples of the work exist on, Deviant Art.  Such as with a list of photographs.  So one can be seen in the present, with this link to access the original article.

Here is the link to, one of the series of photographs.

   And this business description, is also available.  With an attempt to maintain beauty, while also having practicality.  With a link added to reduce, page loading time.  Along with placement of that link below.

Here is the link to the business description.

   That material is for gentle wash, and dry on low.  Combined with special ironing instructions, while I do all things, as though they were the same.  Including this less fancy skirt, not like a Black Colored Lyons Velvet sleeveless dress.  With Lyons Velvet requiring its own group of difficulty during working.  All those materials have their difficulties, as part of the character of theirs.

   Since fabric can be layered for padded armor, these items requiring greater care, are often not in the realm of armor.  But instead are for a flaunting of status.  While other materials are worn near the body, because of their softness.

This false type of suede can be used in dresses, or other items.

   Activities exist, where skirts are avoided, such as certain spanking scenes.  With a link below going to, one of those pictures of a woman being spanked.  As in act naughty, with being treated as a naughty thing.

Here is the picture of the woman's bare bottom, being spanked.

   A layering of materials, can be converted into, something appearing visually interesting.  For a skirt or even padded fabric, found under an above the knee length type of chain-mail dress.  While a battlefield oriented chain-mail shirt from mid-thigh to above the knee, is about the ability for swings from large knives and short swords from doing damage.  And the dress can have gaps to reduce weight, along with metal hanging in those gaps to create sound and optical effects.

   These dresses are fitted to the user's body along with having gaps that can reduce weight.  And close fit to reduce perceived weight, moving metal leaves can flash light to attract attention.  While with a chain mail dress, the belt might be integrated if existing.  And padding for enhancing the time duration, in the formula, creating less force on impact.  Layered skirts were common, for under armor, to protect where banded leather could not be worn because of hips and thighs meeting.  Along with such a skirt, a mid-thigh to just above the knee is possible.

This is the approximate visual effect, of layered fabric to create a skirt.

   Lower heels when not riding such as kitten heels or even low wedges, are able to still enrage.  With breathable leather substitutes, able to be used in that role.  And leather near the skin is for softness, such as with false suede, just like cotton has with moisture reabsorbing potential for comfort.  And tops of feet can be decorated, if with steel chain, that can cause plenty of pain.  While a stainless steel such as 316L is likely, to supply a no corrosion armor.  Since cloth armor reduces impact, the metal by being struck can injure exposed striking surfaces.

   Just attaching steel to the heel of a low wedge's corner, creates easy breaking of bones.  Along with a visible apparently decorative chain covering, can with a polymer safety to built into the footwear, do some serious damage.  And even without the safety toe, but just a leather reinforced boot toe,  impacts with exposed steel cause damage.  At a future time, those in Research and Development (R&D), will assist in creating a nice looking outfit for me.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

That desire for a loud dress.

   A dress can release signals, that the wearer is wearing a dress.  Such as with noisy brushed aluminum scales, found with the Chain Mail Dresses.  So as to remind the individual and those around, of the dress.

This is what the dress looks like, and it should be noisy enough.

   While a skirt will also be noisy, if designed to be so.  With thought out optical properties of those clothes below the skirt part.  With these fashion choices able to enrage those wanting more decoration.  Yet the skirt might snag on the dress, so the dress alone.  With a darkness below it, and tights to hug the skin.

   And a dark soft material, such as Lyons Velvet, or even a variation of Twill.  With plenty of time into the research of those materials.  With full slip under the dress, to allow a better gliding across the body, along with a kitten heel or low-wedge.

   With some head piece, such as one made of chain mail to attract attention, is needed.  For the process of attracting attention, to a situation, colors can contrast with hair color.

This is an example of a chain mail head piece.

   For selection of the many parts to be integrated, visible metal on the hands, with possible gloves for enhancing the visibility.  For example, vegetable tanned leather is black, for hand protection.  With possible rage being enhanced, when metal doing impact, actually hurts.

   With scale mail around the neck, such as with the necklace.  Being able to cause harm to non-conditioned hands, as just ideas to hand to designers out to convert costuming into, a better group of weapons.

This is where scale mail can injure, exposed flesh of a careless attacker.

   And for coordinating the appearance of this equipment, that is where some person more skilled than me in presentation, will succeed.  With flow and making noise, being different from, overtly a weapon.  While items can be functionally weapons without being, overtly arming.  Because plenty of this is a matter of context, such as a fancy costume type of party.

Gas with anxiety, causes difficulties.

   This presence of gas causes difficulties with, knowing if I need to release urine.  With stress causing even more building of potential wetness.  Then I worry instead of spending time waiting, because of time issues.  And this ability to control things, causes me to dread the diaper position spanking, made worse by someone with expert aim to the thigh tops and below the buttocks.

   With sitting causing a squirming instead of sitting plainly, along with failure to control.  Then all that tensing can lead to potty control games, because things must work together.  And exhaustion can lead to wetting, so being strained every-time I sit down, sets up the bed-wetting situation.

   And other stresses can provoke those difficulties, such as excitement from fetishes or deviant from a gender perspective clothing.  While a happy community, all for friendliness, can pound home wetting accidents happening.  All for generating an extreme awareness of the situation, such as a mock public service announcement for, have you taken timely breaks to avoid accidents.

   Revealing consequences for infantile behavior is common, for exposure to the possibility of having those behaviors.  Along with think of what this would be like, type of fantasy with showing of sensitive places to spank.  Meant to make people think of the pain, or even encourage spanking there.  All with how to be more effective, such as choosing for hard to reach places, discipline equipment.

   With consequences for gender norm and age norm being violated, is the first step to countering those.  Yet it establishes an environment where those violations can be, completely intentional.  So saving wetness for a place meant to hold it, can be a theme.  Along with endless ideas to track all things, causing situational anxiety to cause, endless failure.  And those consequences in certain environments, proclaim the experts know, while those experts intend those outcomes.

Diapers wearing and pornography watching, go together.

   Those distractions and delays, lead to accidents.  And pornographic material, involving situations of you're not going to use the toilet.  Those are so not appropriate, just like other situations.  With fear of distraction, manifesting in changed position.

This change of postion is revealed, by a darkening.

   With these changes, often stinking, because of an unseen origin.  Yet the surface materials become revealed, soon enough.  For denying of a need, causes certain expressions to manifest.

A desire not satisfied, can lead to great motivation.

   This tearing down is after the spanking position, to access under the rump and upper thighs.  With a controlled stinging implement, such as a Delrin Squirt from Cane-IAC or other product.  For removing support needed to actively brace against any spanking, then that thud for loss of bladder and bowels.  Often with time enough after a diaper position spank, so swelling hinders the prevention of wetting and messing.

After a rest to stiffen, following a diaper spank, a different spank can shake things loose.

   As for standing position, some prefer that to generate plenty of sting.  Such as with a red dress revealing certain things.  Yet different positions are for different than the more personal touch.

Have you noticed the physical distance possible.

    And those straitjackets can come as dresses or have skirts and leg-binders added.  As in greater vulnerability for Over The Knee (OTK), along with other things.  While some are mostly for decoration like most, sweater dress pattern versions.

Those involved with restrictive wear, can still show their body.


   Still there are common other things, while the dress version can have difficulty with the crotch strap.  I believe those dresses can look nice.  Yet those soft and yielding things in the area of clothing, can be tempting.

   Examples of breathable straitjackets exist, while these can reveal things and exist.  With some being white colored, along with other colors being also available.

Fashion can be visible from under, certain straitjackets.

   And some tasks such as sitting can also be done, by the individual.  Provided the restraint system has not placed those items, off limits.  By means of extra restraints, to remove things from access.

Here is an example of being, able to still sit on something.

   Some outfits are nice, and this skirt added to the straitjacket, is one common way to dealing with a fashion difficulty.  While other people have those as built in items.  Because if a skirt is to be restrictive in its own right, straps can be added, to greatly reduce all movement.

This is about some item, with a unique skirt.

Items for diaper change position, are for loosening up certain parts.

And if it is just text, you can still listen to audio.

   Just as it is wrong for a man, to wear and use adult diapers.  Those dresses also have the same social role, so those forbidden items will get to people.  So I comment from my, Deviant Art account.

Here is the link to my Deviant Art account.

   As for difficulties, I have plenty of those.  Including changes in the bowels and bladder through the day, as in relax or the toilet becomes unusable.  So I have learned through feedback to relax with better posture and breathing, for that release.  While certain changes can cause, difficulties with managing my body. 

   Along with excitement, comes difficulties from exciting activities.  Such as yellow streaks or brown streaks.  So I live a less than exciting life, to avoid many of those difficulties.  Yet difficulties still exist, such as taking breaks to honestly evaluate if the toilet requires being used.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rolling Releases resembe Gender Funk.

   Those Debian Packages, found in the Debian Archive, are part of a rolling release.  Then those rolling releases, eliminate where one edition clearly ends.  As in no clearly defined updating protocol, with definite checks for hardware compatibility.

   And these packages can come in an archive form, with its ability to be searched.  While bureaucratic types, go to enforce their products and services, combined with active censorship and terror, to be used to enforce those items.  Just like with people that are enforced into all kinds of fashions for clothing and other things, certain people are out to enforce biological modifications to enforce their alleged improvements.

This archive approach has its difficulties.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Address for those deliveries.

My mailing address

Brent Pieczynski
c/o Fairbanks Resource Agency
805 Airport Way
Fairbanks,Alaska 99701-6039

   Remember to send some new, overnight weight Leakmaster diapers or PUL Plastic pants.  And this medium size is a nice size, while I am avoiding a subliminal erotica loaded audio player.  These items involve occasional use of adult sized diaper pins, or those different looking plastic alternatives.

   A variety of interesting products exist, yet I am on a fixed income.  So these items are often cost-prohibitive.  With links below included for some...

This is to the 8-Gauge Plastic Pants.

I would be a medium with my waist, because diapers occupy room.

This is an example of comfort clothing.

This is an item that in medium, would only be worn to around the apartment.

   These items are immoral, with the potential to up the blood pressure of certain men that a man like me, endures.  As just part of the enjoyment of driving the strangeness to new levels.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hypnotic Adult Videos

While critical questions about the nature of mind control are there, to be answered.  As in forced actions, even though those actions are not correct.
What is brainwashing really like?

A special attention below just for, changing of my enemies.  Because I care about their feelings, so desire for them to feel different.
   My enemies need some heavy mental manipulation, with this being one source of some serious mental state.

With enemies needing to believe something, about themselves.

Along with my enemies needing to contact, this woman to assist them.

That above is the link to assist my enemies in their quest to feel differently, without questioning the cost.  Of being made to feel differently, while demanding critical questions, must be silenced.

People are mind controlled, into allowing plenty of these destructive patterns to continue.  So what happens next, reveals the actual complexity of situations.
Without mind control, people can do little things to empower their selves while having difficulties.  Yet certain examples of this approach are different from, the heroic approach.

Doing small things can be a manageable thing, instead of huge goals.

   Such as finding less severe examples of mind control, in the area of adult entertainment.  And along with some people looking to mind-control, as just being wetting.

It is possible for a man to develop, forced wetting. This is the Femdom Version.

This is the Female Domination version of, forced wetting.

Other people exist with, Hypnotically Oriented Adult Videos.

This plan about loading up with laxatives, was interesting.

While this is all about the money, with a source that can be felt.

This pants wetting is around intimidation, from a woman.

It is clown time, getting into the shit and piss routine.

This wetting is from, a clown guiding a person to wet.

This is a brown mess in those pants, from the clown.

   Forms of oppression, are many with some not able to easily be avoidable.  Because of lack of easy detectability, escape can also be difficult.  Just like other difficult to evaluate accurately things.

What prison can not be escaped?

Mind control is often about perceptions, instead of enforcing agreements followed by, demanding others hold up their end.  Resulting in certain longer term difficulties, from such evil.

Information can be manipulated to adjust the perceived reality, so as to then make possible people participating in their oppression.  While this participation establishes plenty of longer term difficulties, people do not desire those bad thoughts.  So the truth silenced will lead to, not enough time to adjust to avoid coming destruction.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I have Enemies telling about love of Quality Control, with one meaning being a fetish.

   Enemies of mine exist, with their need to eat up resources that would have remained available.  Yet this fetish item can be located just like other resources, can be located.  With only one of a group finding the resource on the Internet, so the rest can follow.  Do those enemies really desire the type of attention provided by, Quality Control?

   That desire of theirs to actively seek certain types of experience, leads me in the direction of believing, one of them might desire to become part of the situation shown in those videos.  Because of a woman in the role of an expert, is desired to be experienced by them.
   So I question why some woman in the role of an expert, must be something desired without question.  With people referring to a name such as Quality Control, meaning it must be a good thing.  And when the context and standards to determine what is specifically good is banned, then medical things in an other than medical context can be revealed.  While name and advertisement is what many unthinking enemies of mine go with, with denying any person is in need of locating specifics.  Just like with the Christmas Celebration where Christmas Files can be purchased at, Warp My Mind.  Possibly some enemies need to have their male bodies measured for a Christmas Dress, along with their purchasing a file called Christmas Dress.

   If something of a given description must be good, then a certain group of men need to experience that Christmas Dress experience.  With the file as a hint, leading them to putting it on.  That is the audio file, transferred to an audio-file-player, to supply the hint to the type of gift suited to an enemy.  While a great planner can receive the Christmas Diapers file, only available for purchase near Christmas, with real diapers wrapped and boxed for that leader.

   Many possibilities exist, yet I have no need to directly state many of them.  Because many files are closely related to this file, with their leading quick enough to certain resources.  And as for those types of resources, I will leave this to my enemies to explore for themselves.  For exploration is part of this process of transformation.

   Examples of a leading, involve videos, text, audios and other information sources.  And a series of leadings will be supplied to those enemies, so they can be felt lead.  With need of supplying specifics about their feeling lead, to not be given by them.  So is it a body sensation or example, to guide their behavior in some direction.  Those times of not examining the source of the guiding, means such men can be moving toward, a significant collection of indecent things.

   Yet I must allow my enemies the opportunity to make, a series of mistakes.  Because false consequences will not provide long-term opportunity to alter, behaviors in the long-term.  So I must allow their pursuit of personal destruction, as an experience that could be learned from, otherwise I would be conducting myself much like my enemies.

   These specifics supply the context for quality planning.  With control of quality during personal planning, being one example of quality control.  And this form of quality control is different than planning to be bound, by some expert woman from that Quality Control place.

   With these specifics denied, leading to assuming with resulting perceptions.  For even the lack of action and lack of details, both alter the potential future.  And much that is magical can soon manifest, as a result of tapping accumulated potential, with the means of tapping being the base.  While art involves the specialist, personal evaluation taps the efforts of the past.  So personal evaluation and study can be the base of a form of effort magic.

   Then just like situations are arranged to remove me from what is enjoyed, also situations will return me to enjoyed things.  With this just being how cycles work, along with larger systems just requiring more time to cycle than smaller systems.  Such as with those seasons, many things can take less time such as a solar day or more time such as ice ages.

   Changes can happen in the types of situations that make them more likely, while items are fought against for examples of timing.  With many resources being consumed to remain in total control, as opposed to functional control.  And after a certain place, the cost is greater than any attempted benefit.

   And do not worry if enemies of mine get this material, because it will lead to their exploration.  Then exploration can lead to personal destruction, even if this does not kill, terror and other changes can reduce the effectiveness of my enemies.

   While the context destruction often found with a Post-Modern approach, will erase the entire traceable reason for any fear existing.  And with no context, any statement can mean any possible item.  With questioning to establish context often being banned, all means of preventing this communication from causing endless terror, has also been stopped.  So remember to enjoy life and art, while that group of people engaged in systematic incompetency, succeed in experiencing death by terror.
Those skirts have a way of capturing attention.

Such as art done in another way.

While scenes exist, where domination even if soft.  Has a form of suffering happening.
Video of domination, can involve a high-chair.

This is what an unspoken of dream, has as the source of frustration.
Some rules will violated, with wettness becoming felt.

   My fantasy is to receive a vicious Over The Knee (OTK) spanking, then be forced to sit in a stinky diaper as further punishment.  With high chair feeding to create the messing, in that diaper intended to soon turn ripe.  Along with some kind of audio possibly from <>, to create a group of wetting and messing accidents.  And I know it is wrong to get erect, from bad thoughts.

This link is to a file that attempts to condition people away from Junk Food, to help save them from themselves.

Mind control for sissy games is possible, such as an object to trigger a Maid's Curse.

Sissy conditioning is possible, with sitting to pee, introduced as a curse.

Obedience can be programmed for the day, with certain limitations.

If enjoyment for some like me is a difficulty, methods to work around that are available.

For age regression games, there is conditioning for the bathing time.  Then a time of reduced stress is available.

If dealing with feminine appearance, then a curse such as a feminine voice will be a requirement.

Those child like enjoyments can be curses.

Here is one of those healthy eating oriented curses.  So lack of bladder control is triggered by Junk Food eating, for endless experience of involuntary wetting.

A collar can be made more comfortable, with programming of the mind.

This cut version does not make it hard to wear pants, while the uncut version leads to more skirt and dress wearing.

When playing the role of a Sissy, then Sissy Confidence is needed.  Assisted through repetition through use of an MP3 player.

Here is one nasty curse, for how severe some self-wetting will be.  Followed by some alternative after having wet.  So bladder incontinence will happen on a functional level with this.

For relaxation in a place such as during sleep.  This will assist in relaxation, even if it causes the bed to get wet.  And it is known as Wet Relaxation.

A series of looping files exist, for audio playing items.  Meant to loop in the background for programming, before other related programs take advantage of destroyed resistance.

An example of a loop is for Feminine Conditioning, with a related file called Girling Up.  And this is an interesting file, while it conditions the feminine conduct.

This loop known as the Cleaning Loop, will lead to a conditioning to get all into order.  For those desiring maids training.

For this act of self-wetting, this baby-loop is for loosing bladder control through conditioning.

With building intelligence, careful conditioning can build this potential.

Inverse Bimbo

Smart Slut

   Bad ideas such as possible using of forbidden things, still exist.  Such as possibly wearing diapers to bed, while the strangeness can interfere with sleep.  Because of certain items not socially acceptable being listed as being wrong.

   Diaper oriented play is part of, other forms of applied domestic discipline.  Where it is both wrong to be tempted by this, along with suffering by being moved into not wanting what the compulsion directs people toward.  As in a demanded need being met in a way that leads to more suffering than an alternative method, of experiencing social contact.
Any desire to watch bad videos?

I end up for the connection to other people thinking about certain situations.