Saturday, May 16, 2015

Those skirts have a way of capturing attention.

Such as art done in another way.

While scenes exist, where domination even if soft.  Has a form of suffering happening.
Video of domination, can involve a high-chair.

This is what an unspoken of dream, has as the source of frustration.
Some rules will violated, with wettness becoming felt.

   My fantasy is to receive a vicious Over The Knee (OTK) spanking, then be forced to sit in a stinky diaper as further punishment.  With high chair feeding to create the messing, in that diaper intended to soon turn ripe.  Along with some kind of audio possibly from <>, to create a group of wetting and messing accidents.  And I know it is wrong to get erect, from bad thoughts.

This link is to a file that attempts to condition people away from Junk Food, to help save them from themselves.

Mind control for sissy games is possible, such as an object to trigger a Maid's Curse.

Sissy conditioning is possible, with sitting to pee, introduced as a curse.

Obedience can be programmed for the day, with certain limitations.

If enjoyment for some like me is a difficulty, methods to work around that are available.

For age regression games, there is conditioning for the bathing time.  Then a time of reduced stress is available.

If dealing with feminine appearance, then a curse such as a feminine voice will be a requirement.

Those child like enjoyments can be curses.

Here is one of those healthy eating oriented curses.  So lack of bladder control is triggered by Junk Food eating, for endless experience of involuntary wetting.

A collar can be made more comfortable, with programming of the mind.

This cut version does not make it hard to wear pants, while the uncut version leads to more skirt and dress wearing.

When playing the role of a Sissy, then Sissy Confidence is needed.  Assisted through repetition through use of an MP3 player.

Here is one nasty curse, for how severe some self-wetting will be.  Followed by some alternative after having wet.  So bladder incontinence will happen on a functional level with this.

For relaxation in a place such as during sleep.  This will assist in relaxation, even if it causes the bed to get wet.  And it is known as Wet Relaxation.

A series of looping files exist, for audio playing items.  Meant to loop in the background for programming, before other related programs take advantage of destroyed resistance.

An example of a loop is for Feminine Conditioning, with a related file called Girling Up.  And this is an interesting file, while it conditions the feminine conduct.

This loop known as the Cleaning Loop, will lead to a conditioning to get all into order.  For those desiring maids training.

For this act of self-wetting, this baby-loop is for loosing bladder control through conditioning.

With building intelligence, careful conditioning can build this potential.

Inverse Bimbo

Smart Slut

   Bad ideas such as possible using of forbidden things, still exist.  Such as possibly wearing diapers to bed, while the strangeness can interfere with sleep.  Because of certain items not socially acceptable being listed as being wrong.

   Diaper oriented play is part of, other forms of applied domestic discipline.  Where it is both wrong to be tempted by this, along with suffering by being moved into not wanting what the compulsion directs people toward.  As in a demanded need being met in a way that leads to more suffering than an alternative method, of experiencing social contact.
Any desire to watch bad videos?

I end up for the connection to other people thinking about certain situations.

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