Thursday, May 28, 2015

Calling me Tiffany, is also communicating something people do not actually want to say.

The appearance of God, expressed in a name.

   This appearance of God, expressed in a Holiday, celebrated as part of Greek Culture.  Yet God manifested among us, results in powerful symbolism to manipulate.  With a god working through a feminine form of the name, for god manifested.  As in the source of something terrible, given an attractive form, instead of being the active pursuer of the desired.

   As for the Red Neon Colored Hair, and Red Tights for both upper and lower body.  For exposed areas, not covered by banded leather for the lower legs and forearms, the red will show.  And a neon red for this clothing, will be ideal.  With Milliskin being a knitted product, that is thin light and stretchy.  Able to go under other clothings, such as a dress, for that slippage.

Here is a reference to the Milliskin.

   If a full shield was used, instead of an Italian Renaissance Buckler, such as one made by Windlass Steelcrafts.  Then all of that weight must be reasoned out.  Such as with shaped mesh, forming high cut resistance for each unit of mass.  With multiple layers of mesh.

Here is the reference to Mesh.

   With this mesh forming a pattern meant to disorient other people.  Much like scrim that can be added could also do,  such as with dark gauze backing the area behind the mesh layers.  Then extra protection against thrusting arms, to save the limbs holding the shield from being, thrust into.

   And if the goal of people, is plenty into a place fast, to enforce an advantage during a brawl.  Then listing this as being a fair and friendly arrangement, then engineering for this type of arrangement is possible.  Such as realizing a single person can walk in a straight line, in situations where a group of vehicles run into chain-link fences on opposing sides of the road.  With turning being an example of applying a Chicane to, the entry area.

   With slowing of group traffic, involving synthetic fence outdoors and wire mesh barriers indoors.  And there is an agricultural grade to that fencing, being to prevent a crowd from running straight at the doors.  For those situations where, concrete steps in two directions going to the upper floor is not possible.  Or some service area where the barrier forces people to park away from the door, unless climbing over the barrier is preferred.

   For establishing a barrier, for Wi-Fi signals, chicken wire can be used.  Even though the hard wired security cameras will still work in that environment.  So hardening the structure against coordination by intruders will be great.  While portable CB-Radios will be usable, for people coordinating countering things such as invasion.

   So determining about this dress rehearsal with waterproof eyeliner, along with other things will be an issue.  Along with crowd control going into a structure, is also crowd control for leaving the structure.  With mirrored bubbles for security cameras with a mystery direction to point, will be usable for identification later.  So network analysis of the most arrogant of people can then happen, for them to actually brag about their involvements over a period of time.  So they can be used to gather meta-data about, certain activities.

   Along with dress rehearsal will be testing of stage lighting and light cannons, for illuminating the potential conflict area.  As in lighting with sound system and cameras, while lighting can be with Black Lights.  Just for adding an optical strangeness to things, because this is just like dry-ice fog and even liquid nitrogen performance area cooling.  That water to warm the dry ice must be both tested and made to function, otherwise the violent crowd will not feel as though something is not going according to their plans.

   With some people wanting to place fishnet types of weaves, into all things.  And the trouble with that, is heat conductivity loss through air ventilating all the moisture from near the skin.  Even though it is great for improving appearance, along with preventing dampness.  In a warm environment, this allows vapor to escape faster for cooling, along with trapping heat in the air pockets created by this pattern.  References to fishnet patterns worn under armor are common, to avoid trapped moisture.

   As for optical effects, smoke and mirrors style can be used with Metallic Fiber.  With reflective to some radio signals, along with reducing static electricity types of fabric.  Where light on the lit side creates a mirror, with the dark side creating a see through area.  And a see through wall, with the lights on activated by the intruders to blind them, to what is on the other side, establishes an easier ambush.

   While some people desire, Lurex for costuming.  It is one of those static electricity shedding yarns.  So clingy yarns can have the static discharge more easily with Lurex being used in certain undergarments.  And if the work environment is dusty, this could lead to less dust sticking to the person.  This type of uniform could be used with a Tesla Gun wielding group.

   This Tesla Gun is real, with foot long sparks, so Lurex for costuming would be needed by its users.  So enjoy these many references, to possible destruction, from wielding a group of Tesla Guns.  For the mad intruders, deciding to advertise their entry then proclaim, there to have been no way of knowing the lethal potential.  With the joke being, metallic cloth can only take so much charge, before the protection potential fails.

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