Sunday, May 24, 2015

Diapers wearing and pornography watching, go together.

   Those distractions and delays, lead to accidents.  And pornographic material, involving situations of you're not going to use the toilet.  Those are so not appropriate, just like other situations.  With fear of distraction, manifesting in changed position.

This change of postion is revealed, by a darkening.

   With these changes, often stinking, because of an unseen origin.  Yet the surface materials become revealed, soon enough.  For denying of a need, causes certain expressions to manifest.

A desire not satisfied, can lead to great motivation.

   This tearing down is after the spanking position, to access under the rump and upper thighs.  With a controlled stinging implement, such as a Delrin Squirt from Cane-IAC or other product.  For removing support needed to actively brace against any spanking, then that thud for loss of bladder and bowels.  Often with time enough after a diaper position spank, so swelling hinders the prevention of wetting and messing.

After a rest to stiffen, following a diaper spank, a different spank can shake things loose.

   As for standing position, some prefer that to generate plenty of sting.  Such as with a red dress revealing certain things.  Yet different positions are for different than the more personal touch.

Have you noticed the physical distance possible.

    And those straitjackets can come as dresses or have skirts and leg-binders added.  As in greater vulnerability for Over The Knee (OTK), along with other things.  While some are mostly for decoration like most, sweater dress pattern versions.

Those involved with restrictive wear, can still show their body.


   Still there are common other things, while the dress version can have difficulty with the crotch strap.  I believe those dresses can look nice.  Yet those soft and yielding things in the area of clothing, can be tempting.

   Examples of breathable straitjackets exist, while these can reveal things and exist.  With some being white colored, along with other colors being also available.

Fashion can be visible from under, certain straitjackets.

   And some tasks such as sitting can also be done, by the individual.  Provided the restraint system has not placed those items, off limits.  By means of extra restraints, to remove things from access.

Here is an example of being, able to still sit on something.

   Some outfits are nice, and this skirt added to the straitjacket, is one common way to dealing with a fashion difficulty.  While other people have those as built in items.  Because if a skirt is to be restrictive in its own right, straps can be added, to greatly reduce all movement.

This is about some item, with a unique skirt.

Items for diaper change position, are for loosening up certain parts.

And if it is just text, you can still listen to audio.

   Just as it is wrong for a man, to wear and use adult diapers.  Those dresses also have the same social role, so those forbidden items will get to people.  So I comment from my, Deviant Art account.

Here is the link to my Deviant Art account.

   As for difficulties, I have plenty of those.  Including changes in the bowels and bladder through the day, as in relax or the toilet becomes unusable.  So I have learned through feedback to relax with better posture and breathing, for that release.  While certain changes can cause, difficulties with managing my body. 

   Along with excitement, comes difficulties from exciting activities.  Such as yellow streaks or brown streaks.  So I live a less than exciting life, to avoid many of those difficulties.  Yet difficulties still exist, such as taking breaks to honestly evaluate if the toilet requires being used.

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