Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Address for those deliveries.

My mailing address

Brent Pieczynski
c/o Fairbanks Resource Agency
805 Airport Way
Fairbanks,Alaska 99701-6039

   Remember to send some new, overnight weight Leakmaster diapers or PUL Plastic pants.  And this medium size is a nice size, while I am avoiding a subliminal erotica loaded audio player.  These items involve occasional use of adult sized diaper pins, or those different looking plastic alternatives.

   A variety of interesting products exist, yet I am on a fixed income.  So these items are often cost-prohibitive.  With links below included for some...

This is to the 8-Gauge Plastic Pants.

I would be a medium with my waist, because diapers occupy room.

This is an example of comfort clothing.

This is an item that in medium, would only be worn to around the apartment.

   These items are immoral, with the potential to up the blood pressure of certain men that a man like me, endures.  As just part of the enjoyment of driving the strangeness to new levels.

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