Sunday, May 24, 2015

That desire for a loud dress.

   A dress can release signals, that the wearer is wearing a dress.  Such as with noisy brushed aluminum scales, found with the Chain Mail Dresses.  So as to remind the individual and those around, of the dress.

This is what the dress looks like, and it should be noisy enough.

   While a skirt will also be noisy, if designed to be so.  With thought out optical properties of those clothes below the skirt part.  With these fashion choices able to enrage those wanting more decoration.  Yet the skirt might snag on the dress, so the dress alone.  With a darkness below it, and tights to hug the skin.

   And a dark soft material, such as Lyons Velvet, or even a variation of Twill.  With plenty of time into the research of those materials.  With full slip under the dress, to allow a better gliding across the body, along with a kitten heel or low-wedge.

   With some head piece, such as one made of chain mail to attract attention, is needed.  For the process of attracting attention, to a situation, colors can contrast with hair color.

This is an example of a chain mail head piece.

   For selection of the many parts to be integrated, visible metal on the hands, with possible gloves for enhancing the visibility.  For example, vegetable tanned leather is black, for hand protection.  With possible rage being enhanced, when metal doing impact, actually hurts.

   With scale mail around the neck, such as with the necklace.  Being able to cause harm to non-conditioned hands, as just ideas to hand to designers out to convert costuming into, a better group of weapons.

This is where scale mail can injure, exposed flesh of a careless attacker.

   And for coordinating the appearance of this equipment, that is where some person more skilled than me in presentation, will succeed.  With flow and making noise, being different from, overtly a weapon.  While items can be functionally weapons without being, overtly arming.  Because plenty of this is a matter of context, such as a fancy costume type of party.

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