Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gas with anxiety, causes difficulties.

   This presence of gas causes difficulties with, knowing if I need to release urine.  With stress causing even more building of potential wetness.  Then I worry instead of spending time waiting, because of time issues.  And this ability to control things, causes me to dread the diaper position spanking, made worse by someone with expert aim to the thigh tops and below the buttocks.

   With sitting causing a squirming instead of sitting plainly, along with failure to control.  Then all that tensing can lead to potty control games, because things must work together.  And exhaustion can lead to wetting, so being strained every-time I sit down, sets up the bed-wetting situation.

   And other stresses can provoke those difficulties, such as excitement from fetishes or deviant from a gender perspective clothing.  While a happy community, all for friendliness, can pound home wetting accidents happening.  All for generating an extreme awareness of the situation, such as a mock public service announcement for, have you taken timely breaks to avoid accidents.

   Revealing consequences for infantile behavior is common, for exposure to the possibility of having those behaviors.  Along with think of what this would be like, type of fantasy with showing of sensitive places to spank.  Meant to make people think of the pain, or even encourage spanking there.  All with how to be more effective, such as choosing for hard to reach places, discipline equipment.

   With consequences for gender norm and age norm being violated, is the first step to countering those.  Yet it establishes an environment where those violations can be, completely intentional.  So saving wetness for a place meant to hold it, can be a theme.  Along with endless ideas to track all things, causing situational anxiety to cause, endless failure.  And those consequences in certain environments, proclaim the experts know, while those experts intend those outcomes.

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