Friday, May 15, 2015


   An artist in Clinton, Iowa named Allen Eberle runs a Paper-Mill known as Splintal-Mania.  With this actually just being a place for political activity and doing of artwork.  So the building that looks like a residential area, is actually just a residential area.
   With his cellphone number being 1-563-219-6905, and he is searching for art promotion opportunities.

   With the business listed below, is the false item at this time, yet a business license could be had sometime in the future.  With data mining and other items available in the near future.  So send that man for a prize, an adult diaper, plastic pants of possibly the Leak-Master PUL variation, along with a pacifier of adult variation to help him avoid potential snoring after a day of hard working.  Complete with this business address to assist in his receiving something to hold a load of material, so people can think strange things.  As an alternative to the brightly colored paints he enjoys using for his artwork.

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