Sunday, May 31, 2015

The green stones, with the third eye.

   That role of Kyanite, as in green and over the third eye.  As part of a chain mail head-wear piece, this like other kyanite examples, will prove important.

This is a video, explaining two reference books for stones.

   With themes involving the heart, there are always more concrete examples.  Such as one of the evil sticks versions, found at Cane-IAC.  With plenty of carbon fiber, along with two balls and a heart.  While the version with the heart on one end, seems to have discontinued.  Even though carbon fiber

Here is the reference, to the scepter needed for that last fight.

   A wand will point easily to precise placement, unlike a baton with grip potential along the whole length for variety of impact.  With precision instead of blunt force trauma variation with the baton, along with staff beginning with easily lethal force use.  Batons will shatter bodies, while heavier clubs crush things.  This scepter is mostly a wand, not the mace with an end to crush through armor.

   This psychic approach involves multiple manifestations of kyanite use, in the costuming process.  While black can refer to stability, with a more pure blackness being more stable relative to this realm.  Then the white involves adaptivity such as metal, as in a chain mail dress.  These stones, are symbolic to the psychic bridging with the physical.  Along with different colors, integrated into the chain mail, for symbolized flexibility of approach.

   Along with the harmonizing of the physical and the psychic forces, addressing how these are different.  Involves actively bringing things into harmony, instead of proclaiming no harmony is needed.  While symbolism proclaiming these two to be separate, will subtly enrage those coercing all to proclaim the clearly so, to be some type of fantasy.  The psychic by being related to the physical, is not the same as the physical, while enforcement of a perspective involves coercing on many levels.

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