Saturday, May 16, 2015

I have Enemies telling about love of Quality Control, with one meaning being a fetish.

   Enemies of mine exist, with their need to eat up resources that would have remained available.  Yet this fetish item can be located just like other resources, can be located.  With only one of a group finding the resource on the Internet, so the rest can follow.  Do those enemies really desire the type of attention provided by, Quality Control?

   That desire of theirs to actively seek certain types of experience, leads me in the direction of believing, one of them might desire to become part of the situation shown in those videos.  Because of a woman in the role of an expert, is desired to be experienced by them.
   So I question why some woman in the role of an expert, must be something desired without question.  With people referring to a name such as Quality Control, meaning it must be a good thing.  And when the context and standards to determine what is specifically good is banned, then medical things in an other than medical context can be revealed.  While name and advertisement is what many unthinking enemies of mine go with, with denying any person is in need of locating specifics.  Just like with the Christmas Celebration where Christmas Files can be purchased at, Warp My Mind.  Possibly some enemies need to have their male bodies measured for a Christmas Dress, along with their purchasing a file called Christmas Dress.

   If something of a given description must be good, then a certain group of men need to experience that Christmas Dress experience.  With the file as a hint, leading them to putting it on.  That is the audio file, transferred to an audio-file-player, to supply the hint to the type of gift suited to an enemy.  While a great planner can receive the Christmas Diapers file, only available for purchase near Christmas, with real diapers wrapped and boxed for that leader.

   Many possibilities exist, yet I have no need to directly state many of them.  Because many files are closely related to this file, with their leading quick enough to certain resources.  And as for those types of resources, I will leave this to my enemies to explore for themselves.  For exploration is part of this process of transformation.

   Examples of a leading, involve videos, text, audios and other information sources.  And a series of leadings will be supplied to those enemies, so they can be felt lead.  With need of supplying specifics about their feeling lead, to not be given by them.  So is it a body sensation or example, to guide their behavior in some direction.  Those times of not examining the source of the guiding, means such men can be moving toward, a significant collection of indecent things.

   Yet I must allow my enemies the opportunity to make, a series of mistakes.  Because false consequences will not provide long-term opportunity to alter, behaviors in the long-term.  So I must allow their pursuit of personal destruction, as an experience that could be learned from, otherwise I would be conducting myself much like my enemies.

   These specifics supply the context for quality planning.  With control of quality during personal planning, being one example of quality control.  And this form of quality control is different than planning to be bound, by some expert woman from that Quality Control place.

   With these specifics denied, leading to assuming with resulting perceptions.  For even the lack of action and lack of details, both alter the potential future.  And much that is magical can soon manifest, as a result of tapping accumulated potential, with the means of tapping being the base.  While art involves the specialist, personal evaluation taps the efforts of the past.  So personal evaluation and study can be the base of a form of effort magic.

   Then just like situations are arranged to remove me from what is enjoyed, also situations will return me to enjoyed things.  With this just being how cycles work, along with larger systems just requiring more time to cycle than smaller systems.  Such as with those seasons, many things can take less time such as a solar day or more time such as ice ages.

   Changes can happen in the types of situations that make them more likely, while items are fought against for examples of timing.  With many resources being consumed to remain in total control, as opposed to functional control.  And after a certain place, the cost is greater than any attempted benefit.

   And do not worry if enemies of mine get this material, because it will lead to their exploration.  Then exploration can lead to personal destruction, even if this does not kill, terror and other changes can reduce the effectiveness of my enemies.

   While the context destruction often found with a Post-Modern approach, will erase the entire traceable reason for any fear existing.  And with no context, any statement can mean any possible item.  With questioning to establish context often being banned, all means of preventing this communication from causing endless terror, has also been stopped.  So remember to enjoy life and art, while that group of people engaged in systematic incompetency, succeed in experiencing death by terror.

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