Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fantasy inspired skirts are available.

   Some of these are just from special request, such as a maker of an adjustable length skirt.  With built in examples of practicality, with unknown ease of care.  So costume maintaining people would be needed for such an accessory, with my not usually having it with me, including in a closet.

Here is the shop location, of that individual.

   While examples of the work exist on, Deviant Art.  Such as with a list of photographs.  So one can be seen in the present, with this link to access the original article.

Here is the link to, one of the series of photographs.

   And this business description, is also available.  With an attempt to maintain beauty, while also having practicality.  With a link added to reduce, page loading time.  Along with placement of that link below.

Here is the link to the business description.

   That material is for gentle wash, and dry on low.  Combined with special ironing instructions, while I do all things, as though they were the same.  Including this less fancy skirt, not like a Black Colored Lyons Velvet sleeveless dress.  With Lyons Velvet requiring its own group of difficulty during working.  All those materials have their difficulties, as part of the character of theirs.

   Since fabric can be layered for padded armor, these items requiring greater care, are often not in the realm of armor.  But instead are for a flaunting of status.  While other materials are worn near the body, because of their softness.

This false type of suede can be used in dresses, or other items.

   Activities exist, where skirts are avoided, such as certain spanking scenes.  With a link below going to, one of those pictures of a woman being spanked.  As in act naughty, with being treated as a naughty thing.

Here is the picture of the woman's bare bottom, being spanked.

   A layering of materials, can be converted into, something appearing visually interesting.  For a skirt or even padded fabric, found under an above the knee length type of chain-mail dress.  While a battlefield oriented chain-mail shirt from mid-thigh to above the knee, is about the ability for swings from large knives and short swords from doing damage.  And the dress can have gaps to reduce weight, along with metal hanging in those gaps to create sound and optical effects.

   These dresses are fitted to the user's body along with having gaps that can reduce weight.  And close fit to reduce perceived weight, moving metal leaves can flash light to attract attention.  While with a chain mail dress, the belt might be integrated if existing.  And padding for enhancing the time duration, in the formula, creating less force on impact.  Layered skirts were common, for under armor, to protect where banded leather could not be worn because of hips and thighs meeting.  Along with such a skirt, a mid-thigh to just above the knee is possible.

This is the approximate visual effect, of layered fabric to create a skirt.

   Lower heels when not riding such as kitten heels or even low wedges, are able to still enrage.  With breathable leather substitutes, able to be used in that role.  And leather near the skin is for softness, such as with false suede, just like cotton has with moisture reabsorbing potential for comfort.  And tops of feet can be decorated, if with steel chain, that can cause plenty of pain.  While a stainless steel such as 316L is likely, to supply a no corrosion armor.  Since cloth armor reduces impact, the metal by being struck can injure exposed striking surfaces.

   Just attaching steel to the heel of a low wedge's corner, creates easy breaking of bones.  Along with a visible apparently decorative chain covering, can with a polymer safety to built into the footwear, do some serious damage.  And even without the safety toe, but just a leather reinforced boot toe,  impacts with exposed steel cause damage.  At a future time, those in Research and Development (R&D), will assist in creating a nice looking outfit for me.

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