Sunday, November 6, 2016

What should I wear, to my spanking?

My coming Spanking

   A pencil skirt is classic for this role, with choosing the correct size being tricky.  Yet I will be able to shop around, for something better fitting.  With Muted Brown in XL-Tall will be sized about correct, from Loft 415 to pin my legs when I kneel.
   With this Hyper-Link to that Muted Brown XL-Tall Pencil Skirt. 


This is not a caning

   A caning can sting, while often having carefully aimed points of contact.  With some examples built around stinging, that point of contact such as around safe to contact places.  With historically correct stingers, such as found with this Hyper-Link to these School House Canes.  And those created for stinging are a lighter weight version, found at this Hyper-Link for use.

   Other materials for canes exist, while also being thin with sting in some versions.  Canes can be stiff enough to aim, while some versions can be thought of as being short.  With sanitation of materials along with maintenance being issues for use.



   This is a whole category of materials, for easier sanitation and maintenance. Such as is available though this Hyper-Link to an Online Store's webpage.

   While this section about the collection is not rendering correctly, because this editor is refusing to allow the intentional normal size fonts to be treated as such.  So the result is plenty of this incorrectly sized fonts, until the machine correctly sizes the fonts.

   With plenty of time consuming modifications needing to be done to the documentation, resulting from automated modification of font types.  So modification of specifics for what is listed as "normal" or other sized items, that is not enough to encourage things to behave well-enough.


Specialized Equipment

   Spanking Skirts look like a nice option, such as this Large Sized Skirt found here.  With classic backside viewing, for access with my 35-Inch approximately sized waist.  While other versions of spank skirts are available, such as this XXL-Sized Spanking Skirt.  With my feeling the sting of some cane, of a size easy to use on my skirt wearing body.  So during the spanking I can learn, what smearing from tears makeup is like.  While something different, such as a leather implement can do sting the spank spot, if not desiring the vibration to hurt the wrist.
   While the use of some things for Over The Knee (OTK), can supply plenty of stinking potential.  Such as this item built to sting, in the form of a school house cane.  As for tops, things can be interesting.  While not having the strain going into the arm, will involve a different piece of equipment.  As in a Hyper-Link to a yielding item with enough mass have less acceleration on impact.



   I thought of an XL-Shirt, with those measurements not including the need for stretching of the top.  With a slight tightness at my waist, because some foundation wear needs to shape my belly down to 36-inches.  As for color a Medium Grey seems like a nice choice, because like Raisin it has a certain amount of stretch.
   While a gunmetal color is nice, for a top with a loose fit.  With the XL-Sizing, this will be intentionally loose.  And because of the looseness, trimming to a large, might show my belly off.  So I will prefer a XL-Size for this unique item, for wearing with the pencil skirt.  Along with a high contrast color for a restraint system.


Reason For a Skirt


This skirt would list me as not actually being a male

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I ordered a skirt online.

Skirt Feel

   This Comfortably cut Maxi-Skirt, worn with some <> footwear is a nice combination.  With the possibility of my finally being spanked while wearing a long skirt or full length dress.  Along with a picture of my smeared from tears makeup running down my face.  All for my account at <>, with my porn video uploaded to my account.
   And I left a little stain on the front of this Maxi-Skirt from the excitement of wearing it, so why not attach those shocker pads to the tops of each of my thighs.  At the place of the crotch area, the tops of the thighs can be thought of as causing irreversible change to my perceived sexuality.
   With the spanking starting up covered bottom, followed by skirt up, so those thighs can be targeted.  And after I am crying, those tops of the inner thighs are to have those electrical pads attached.  Along with my being told, with this trait changed the details to how some Intersex Condition can apply.
   As for the Intersex Condition applying, there is always a hormonal suppository for verified hormone usage.  And this is part of verified hormonal use, as part of legal sexual transformation process.  With thoughts of this happening, causing me to fantasize about soaking a skirt with body waste.  Along with needing to hand-wash this skirt, because of my bad thoughts causing my masculine to squirt some sticky.

I should wear a dress, sometime.


   A tall sized version of an XL-Sized dress, would be nice.  With dark grey being nice, along with my with concealed wireless activated shock pads to the thigh part of the crotch.  While I do not know if I would look good in plum, while a different dress also has this dark grey option.  As for Dark Olive in an XL-Tall cut Maxi-Dress, the draped effect can be a nice thing.  While a Muted Olive Maxi-Skirt also has a place, even if only to enrage certain people.

   While pencil skirts, going below the knee are part of a get spanked fantasy.  With XXL-Sized skirts also being available, in those shorter lengths.  I enjoy the desire to feel the presence of the straight cut of a pencil skirt, with that below the knee length presence for my kneeling.  Combined with apparent modesty while I sit, knowing of some wireless control of electroshock opportunity.  As in electrically shocking with pads, the tops of those thighs in the crotch.  While extreme examples of punishment are available, as part of custom ordering of skirts because special materials are available.

   With some of these Skirts being made out of exotic materials.  While other places with special touches, can be into my size range for spanking skirts.  And some skirts just lack sizing information, even though a nice polish can be taken.

   Yet these skirts such as from this location, are part of a system.  Such as the nice length, to feel the restrictive presence combined with exposure.  As some dresses with certain length, will make possible.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Therapeutic Electrical Shock Erotica.

Crotch on Electrodes

   I thought of a nice dress, to go with this experience.  Involving the hidden pair of electrodes at each thigh top.  With electrically powered devices for aversive conditioning are not new technology.

   With Accessories Category being one option.  This item allows soft stimulation, along with the option of high intensity stimulation.  Along with connection over a telephone for the shocker unit to work, with a technician to check the telephone for technological compatibility.

   For control duration there is a 4 to 6 hour power supply, combined with multiple connection points for under clothing.  And while the version for tights with those adjustable bands is possible, pads are available for shocking during possible therapy sessions.  As for access in the United States, check for dealerships, for these portable electroshock type units.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Delorean Motor Related

General Information to Begin Research

   Companies will both rise and fall, such as with this one company.  With special loopholes, such as limited scale manufacturing and other difficulties described in this Online Encyclopedia's Hyper-Link to an article.


Electric Example

   An electric version of this vehicle is available, in parts of the world.  Along with a BBC-Article supplying details about this updating of the design.  Through this supplied Hyper-Link to this article, found at this location.


   This dealership involves plenty of things, including some apparently updated technology.  And this dealership is findable through a Hyper-Link in this post.  Along with those keeping things alive, with the factor of what is unique as in a Hyper-Link to that original article.

Low Volume Manufacturing

   A low volume manufacturing, instead of the old kits and chassis approach of old days.  Allows for limited sized manufacturing of these items, with this article quoting from Motor Week another article.  And the Motor Week article is found through this Hyper-Link, with no need for me to link to its source because of redundancy supplied by Motor Week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Splintle Mania

Allen Eberle

Has a unique artform

   He is found at the cellphone number of 1-563-219-6905.  And he has a variety of political perspectives that are interesting.  With some forms of art promotion, being censored.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Recipes can be enjoyable.




Egg-Less Chocolate Chip Cookies

A possibility of egg-less chocolate chip cookies exist.  And here is the recipe, for those cookies. 


 Mint Chocolate Cake

This mint chocolate cake looks enjoyable.  So I will have some of it, to sample if I live that long.


Sugarless Sponge Cake

Sugarless Sponge Cake recipes, can be good for certain situations.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

This looks like an interesting variation on Chocolate Chip Cookies.  While it is also classified as being both, quick and easy.


Quick And Easy Brownies

I enjoy brownies, such as with this quick and easy version of the recipe.  So I desire to try these at some future date.


Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

A Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake recipe, seems like an enjoyable thing to have.  So I found one, with the link being placed here.


Fudge Pie

Fudge pie, easy to do.  Along with lacking plenty of expense is only a secondary consideration.  Found at this location, for possible future enjoyment.


 Vanilla Cake Recipe

A classic vanilla cake recipe, being found here.  Will soon enough be created, for pleasure as a future eat.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

This is good enough to ask for by name, as the best chocolate cake ever.  So a link to find this recipe, is attached at this location.

Eggnog Fudge Recipe

A sweet and rich combination, being eggnog fudge.  Uses an extract of rum in the recipe, so as to not cause drunkenness.  With that recipe being found with this link.
I enjoy waffles, with desire to learn about coatings of waffles and other things.  So this is as good of a place to start as other places.  With a link provided, for the convenient search for this recipe.
That chewy and the chunky, will go nicely together.  So I looked and found this example of enjoyable activity.  With a link to follow, being findable soon enough.
For enjoyment, some chewy chocolate walnut cookies are desired.  With this recipe site being but one access point.  For the materials at hand, through a provided link.
A Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, can fix the attention on a material experience.  And this link, leads to the enjoyment being possible.  So click and enjoy the possible creation, for the Pie.

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

An Easy Apple Pie recipe, being found here.  With my having motivation to learn better cooking skills.
These bars involve use of a Betty Crocker product.  Yet I will eventually give the link a try, so the recipe can at a future date be sent to a printer.  With the link attached to here.
   That notification of not using Margarine, might be important.  With this potentially being an enjoyable dessert for my experience in the future.


I desire to try a fondue.  Such as this one with chocolate and mint, made using ingredients such as heavy whipping cream. 
Those mint chipped chocolate cookies, are an interesting variation on a theme.  And I desire to learn about this through exploration in the form of experience, both creating and eating of some cookies.  So this link, will benefit a searcher.

An interesting egg preparation

Tea Eggs, can be a cheap eat.  While I am on an Egg and Dairy oriented vegetarian diet, enjoyment can be had.  With recipes just like this one recipe, found at this link.

No Knead Bread

A bread variation, without the need for kneading is desired.  Because if my skills are to improve, then I must Keep It Super Simple (KISS).  So this recipe will be one of those which I start with, while establishing some basic skill creation.  With the Link to the original article, being found here.

Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese recipe, being one of the classic recipes.  Could be in for a future eating by me, for enjoyment.  With the Link to the recipe, being found here.
With this being gotten for variety in the eating, I plan to do in the future.  And this Irish Bread is something I desire to try eating again.  Even if I need to learn some bread making skills to create it.
Hash Browns
Hash Browns, require some skill to competently create.  So the recipe is not equal to actually competently creating the item.  With certain ratios such as butter and oil needing to be, adjusted just like the apparent heat.  Along with this attached link, so follow by clicking here.
Home Fried Potatoes
These home fried potatoes, have room from lack of precision application of certain things.  So those items need to be practiced to learn where critical changes can be applied.  With the approximate recipe found, at this attached hyper-link.
Paleo Pancakes
This is a four ingredient item, that I desire to indulge consuming plenty of.  With plenty of those saturated oils for my consumption, described on the following hyper-link.  This is a hyper-link, just click on it to find the intended recipe.
Skinny Pancakes
These are wonderful pancakes, for enjoyment of saturated fat content.  With the possibility of red palm oil in the place of the corn syrup, often used on pancakes.  And if this egg and dairy form of vegetarian diet kills me, then then minced greens should have been deep fried in coconut oil sooner.  Just follow this hyper-link to the pancake recipe.
Coconut Oil
This is rated according to certain experts, as being among the best of oils to cook with.  With a hyper-link to this original story, found here.
Coconut Oil Chocolate Recipes
This article contains a collection of recipes, for me to eat.  So I will need to have the ones to be prepared to be used, after being looked up.  Then a printout can be supplied to the individual doing the preparation, for eating the food.  With this hyper-link supplied, so printing out the recipes can be done.
Plenty of Coconut Oil Recipes exist.
That coconut oil with a possibility of red palm oil can lead to, my getting an oily enough diet.  Then trial by eating down this oil will be a good thing, with large quantities of oil actually being needed to cause harm.  Provided this is not some inherently dangerous item, unless it were hydrogenated to make the oil unnatural.

As for the coconut oil recipes, those can be found at places that specialize in recipes.  Especially when coconut related recipes are the emphasis, such as with coconut oil.  With this hyper-link leading to one of those locations, with plenty of recipes.
This variation on the theme of bread, is often enjoyed by me.  Yet is at times not available in those grocery stores, so I need to learn some cooking skills if I desire to enjoy this again.  With this being the hyper-link to the recipe.
Coconut Hush Puppies
This looks like something enjoyable to eat.  And I desire to enjoy some of that oil for frying, as in Palm Oil and Coconut Oil both involving saturated fat, in abundance.  Along with insertion of the oil into the recipe itself, as part of improving things.  With this attached hyper-link for finding the recipe.
Sugar Free Super Green Pancakes
These have some ingredients, that have a questionable status.  With those requiring research if they are to be acquired, for enjoying as part of this recipe.  And here is the hyper-link to the recipe.
Rice Types
These types of rice, are important, such as long grain rice with some color added.  While the short grain turns sticky.  And if white will lack the important nutrients needed to keep the body going, even though it is convenient.  With this hyper-link leading to details.
Gooey Pumpkin Butter-Cake, with Pecans
This is one recipe those with enjoyable, filling ingredients.  And I plan to eat this with those saturated fats for, the enjoyment of the physical experience.  Because life on Earth has limits.  Along with this included hyper-link to assist.
As in threats of Death, through interaction with pie.  Seems like a likely end for me, even though Susan Weed might believe animal fats to have an important place in the diet.  With this opinion acquired by listening to The Susan Weed Show.
I want this for the potential benefit.  And if it is lethal to ingest plenty of coconut this way, just like with the Herbal Infusions recommended by Susan Weed.  Then death by advice by some Green Witch, might be a good thing.  With possibility of adding blue cheese, along with possible beneficial lifeforms.

Waffle Related Recipe

   And the classification of this recipe is uncertain.  So I have decided to avoid classifying it at this time.

Three Ingredient Pancake Balls

   An alternative shape to making these into balls exists, with difficulties resulting.  As shown by following this Hyper-Link, and all of the steps can be shown together.  Along with for pay people getting a PDF that prints nicely, for those with color printers. 


Pocket Pancakes

   These are containers for some interesting eating, with this difficulty in creating a container for food, requires some unique steps to create.  Such as these pancakes involve, by follow specific steps, found in many formats to learn from.  So Hyper-Link to this location to learn more details, about this portable and edible snack holder.


Frozen Peanut Butter Cheesecake

With two possible minor recipes being included in this item, the main and an actually intended.

   This main version of the recipe, as specified by, The Girl Who Ate Everything.  Seems to involve some microwave usage, if I have read everything correctly.  And this also takes more than four hours of time to complete the preparation of, the specified item.
   While this alternative-recipe, seems to be a slight variation on a theme.  Yet 'twas removed from the system, possibly as a result of being close enough to the same recipe.  Often found when the intended to be linked to page, is modified into being the original page.  At times from administration with extensive measures being required in order to have the error to be addressed as being real.


Slow-Cooker Apple Cider Cinnamon Rolls with Easy Cream Cheese-Caramel Icing

   Those listed ingredients are simple enough in quantity.  So this just might work, along with specific quantities of minutes not being that important.  With this simplification of the time part resulting from the slow cooker being what it is, along with need to extract the food in a timely manner to prevent overcooking.