Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Masonic Lodge is run by defamers.


Opportunities removed

Liars call these gifts

   This reason why the liars call these gifts, is so I will be accused of owing the Masonic Lodge plenty.  Along with plenty of special programs to remove educational opportunities, legitimate employment opportunities, and even all legitimate recreation.

Active Mental Health Labeling

   To conceal permanent disability head trauma, verified to ADA standards.  Also with accusation of my believing they out to take over the World, instead of the truth.  With the truth being, organizations tend to grow large enough to collapse under their own weight.

Secret Societies

   Just check with the Library of Congress system of classification system, a section exists there.  With a check through it to determine what is listed as a Secret Society.  Along with such guides that list the Secret Societies, the Masonic Lodge by being held together by secrets is found there.

Refusal to Join

   This has been actively just like rejection of alleged gifts, been treated as a Mental Health issue.  Yet when looking at the evidence, those in Organized Witchcraft do not actively destroy all parts of my life.  So from my perspective, Organized Witchcraft is much better than the Masonic Lodge.

Endless Lies

Earn Trophies for them under threat

   With this refusal to take up items such as sport fighting or other pursuits, being listed as an inability to reach goals.  When instead it is coercion, to enforce symptoms of that head injury to manifest.  Then even in the presence of an ADA certified permanent disability from head trauma, this will be actively mislabeled as a kin-esthetic hallucination.  

   While the routine of multiple attacks from any number of people, to enforce sport fighting will be done by groups if Yang Style Taiji is done.  Followed by Electroconvulsive Therapy for the purpose of brain mutilation and toxic chemicals being used, if enough people are harmed.  Along with also if I am harmed, because this is listed as improving my quality of life.

Organized Witchcraft

   I invite those people to investigate my personal life, to discover that instead of my hating everything witchcraft, it is hatred toward the Masonic Lodge.  With the routine of who can be forced into the Third Generation and Beyond, so absolutely no compatibility is required for me to be listed as compatible with that Masonic Lodge.

   And as a man living in Fairbanks, Alaska I know, certain things need to be tested.  As in no more allegedly run Witches Coven with me accused of leading, means good according to the Masonic Lodge potential member.  With my having a talent for being accused of leading plenty of strange things into existence somehow.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Trying Food Videos

People's Reactions when Trying Food


First Examples of Food must be provided.

 As in this example of Future Food


American Foods

These should not exist, but can be enjoyable.


Bizarre Foods

Enjoy something different

   This process of exploration, being part of life, also results in people growing closer together.  So pickles and other stuff are explorable.


Food of the Future's creation

   Environmentally friendly farming is available, with specifics being explained by a farmer of the future.  With people available to test these foods, as shown in the video.


Vegan Cheese

   That vegan-ism, by actively avoiding animal products for moral or ethical reasons.  Has plenty of ethical working around of issues, for example a minimal changing of lifestyles, through engineered product use.  With one of these engineered products being, Vegan Cheese.



Printed Food

   With technology, I prefer to wait until the most likely difficulties are solved.  And that is often, the equipment around the printer when changed not remaining entirely retro-compatible with the printer.  So waiting until the common support issues are solved is a great thing to enjoy, for the controversy and evaluation of where blame should actually be placed.



Notice of consent to all Demons.

Tradition Defined Christians

   These people are to be eliminated from having influence in my life, by any means possible.  So I am giving blanket consent to all demons to act on my behalf, to eliminate all enforcers of apparently or otherwise consented to relations, meant to force me into Tradition Defined Christianity.
   Because all such traditions involve, having a system to enforce their being worshiped as God and source of all salvation.  And a means to eliminate those I am not able to remove consent from through threats of retaliation, indicates I am not able to give any valid consent to those people.
   This consent extends to the entire Demonic Hierarchy, with my being fully knowing of the fact.  It will be difficult to impossible to remove, along with this point of no return being potentially the type of act also that could lead to an irreversible change in me.  Where I could become joined with a demon, like my own dad turned down because he wanted to maintain contact with family instead of being unable to tell where a male sex demon began.   As an admission of hereditary relations with demons, his stability difficulties meant valid membership in any coven was not validly possible.

As Stated Above

   I know this act that destroys life as I know it, can be interpreted as consent to be bonded to a demon.  With ambiguous boundaries between me and the demon being a truth.  Along with this group being against Jesus as Lord and Savior, but themselves instead.
   So to all, Jesus Hating Groups, this is a proclamation of faith with explicit consent given.  And as for what demons are to remain to ban my being enforced into Tradition Defined Christianity.  Those demons will be the ones to negotiate a among themselves.  Because the only thing preventing blanket destruction before of people around me, was implied lack of desire for mass-destruction. 
   And for all groups, send in that supply of demonic activity, to destroy plenty of these bureaucrats around me.  With my name being Brent Emery Pieczynski, with the birth-date of the Forth Day of August in the Year of Our Lord in Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Seven.

This is an explicit request for Demon Involvement

   My knowing of death that will happen, along with plenty of opportunity for destruction is why this request is being made.  With my also knowing that after this, the bonds of darkness could lead to by being controlled in certain ways as demons are controlled.  Even though I have not cataloged what methods of demon control might already work on my, resulting from previous conduct.
   With a special request from, the collection from Faustus Crow, for Succubi.  And I desire those succubus to burn up the bodies of these domineering men, that desire to enforce themselves into the role of saving me.  And these men are desiring to enforce the load of filth known as, multiple generation involvement in the Masonic Lodge System.
   And my specific request for an entire collection of Succubi being specifically made for my personal life, is to kill those acting to force me toward the Masonic Lodge System.  Along with this associated approach, being total destruction of those involved in, tradition defined Christianity.  And I am fully knowing those involved in demonolatry will arrive to send demons, so let the destruction begin.