Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Trying Food Videos

People's Reactions when Trying Food


First Examples of Food must be provided.

 As in this example of Future Food


American Foods

These should not exist, but can be enjoyable.


Bizarre Foods

Enjoy something different

   This process of exploration, being part of life, also results in people growing closer together.  So pickles and other stuff are explorable.


Food of the Future's creation

   Environmentally friendly farming is available, with specifics being explained by a farmer of the future.  With people available to test these foods, as shown in the video.


Vegan Cheese

   That vegan-ism, by actively avoiding animal products for moral or ethical reasons.  Has plenty of ethical working around of issues, for example a minimal changing of lifestyles, through engineered product use.  With one of these engineered products being, Vegan Cheese.



Printed Food

   With technology, I prefer to wait until the most likely difficulties are solved.  And that is often, the equipment around the printer when changed not remaining entirely retro-compatible with the printer.  So waiting until the common support issues are solved is a great thing to enjoy, for the controversy and evaluation of where blame should actually be placed.



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