Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Planned Tatoo

My Planned Tattoo

On my left shoulder, being a nice place


   Just look to the lower of the two images, with this on the shoulder.  For containing the energies that accept that some men desire to explore into places, with that strange form of intensity.
   With an altered state being involved, for a different than books explain type of learning.  And those circles with a defining of some limitations, are shown both in the lower image of a woman with the shoulder.  Along with the upper image, showing circled variant in more details.
   As for this original website, it supports a website.  And here is the Hyper-Link to this, original source material.  With source-material eating up bandwidth, because of endless scripts running in the background.



 Future Status

   Presently the bureaucrats I deal with, will have plenty of things moving toward an agenda.  As in the direction of what is officially sane, defined by whatever will maximize income in the short-term.  Such is the nature of a group shielded from accountability.
   So just wait until I am reported to, The Department of Homeland Security for using what is perceived to be the Demonic.  As part of causing certain men to feel their vigor drained from them, possibly as part of their imagination getting the better of them.



   Many things will be transformed into appearing as critical for National Security.  Then because of the illusion, an investigation will be required.  Because the reason for some item being labeled as critically important, being a need, converts this into a requirement.


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  1. A newer version of related to Demons material is available, known as blanket consent placed onto the Internet. With means to remove me from forced participation in, tradition defined Christianity.