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Sword Shopping Places



Sparing Sword Example

   This Skirmish Line of swords, requires appropriate safety gear.  And are the choreographed clashes on stage approach.  With safe reenactment also being possibilities.
   This Maestro Line of Swords, is about being appropriate to period fencing manuals.  With discouragement from sharpening the swords after purchase, because this is in conflict with the intended purpose of these blades.

Entry Level Historic Swords

   This one that I desire to become skilled in the use of, being a Bastard Sword.  With both one and two hand use options, with flexibility in application being its strength.  And reviews of this Bastard Sword are available, at another location.  Along with a review of the Bastard Sword, being at this location.  As in the middle ground, with plenty of pliability in application with good enough being the ideal.  As opposed to perfection, as a specialist in one location.
   With this not being for sparring or stage combat.  This particular collection, known as the Squire Line can fill a functional sword role.  And the only sharpness will only be by request.  As for the location of the Squire Line, follow this provided Hyper-Link.
   And details involve items such as, either ordering the scabbard or having it custom made.  With a Hyper-Link to one place that has, custom scabbard making.  Along with the actual ordering being an example of a difficulty, with assistance being needed.


   This Conan The Barbarian Sword, is sharpened and comes from Windlass.  With the Hyper-Link being available through Amazon.  And the review will be found at a later time.  While this other Hyper-Link is marked Windlass Steelcrafts, with it being available for sale through Amazon also.
   With these a maker of scabbards and belt for holding the scabbard, will be nice.  Along with Renaissance Wax, being a variant on micro-crystalline petroleum wax, being greater weight and smaller crystals than paraffin.  As a nice metal preservative, to have.  Along with reading that the sharpened price is different than the unsharpened price, for all of these items Conan Line of swords.  And here is the Hyper-Link to the variation where choosing to sharpen or not sharpen is an option, while I choose sharpening.  Then a dual grit stone can remove deformed areas, while supplying a medium grit edge good for hacking. 


Swords as Sidearms

   Items such as the Scottish Backsword, were daily wear items kept as secondary arms on the battlefield.  With a Hyper-Link to one of the Reviews of the Windlass Steelcrafts versions of the Scottish Backsword being found here.  Because utilitarian applications for arms happens, when the overall reduction in gear weight is needed.
   While a large dagger or smaller sword, remains a matter of weight savings.  Because above one-quarter of the body hight blade lengths, often require stepping or other maneuver to draw them.  Much like a modern Personal Defense Arm (PDA), being more powerful than a large handgun while able to maintain ease of maneuver in confined spaces.  As part of Early Renaissance action, where ambiguous situations required something not requiring endlessly switching arms.  With this Hyper-Link to what has compromises made, because of ambiguous situations needing to be dealt with. 
   With Daggers able to thrust into cracks in armor, much like certain Early Renaissance Swords.  Along with maintaining the thrust through, some forms of light armor could also be cut with the Renaissance Swords.  As in a person applies force, with the point aligning with parts of their body.  And taking advantage of how force use alters functional distance, is a product this Hyper-Link guides people to.
   With some historic Sabers being about utilitarian compromises, meant to make all happy.  While making many people have a less than ideal answer, so all will suffer equally.  As with the utilitarian approach applied to saber design, revealed through this Hyper-Link.
   And an English Broadsword can be with optional Backsword Blade, through this Hyper-Link.  While the practice blades will get eaten by practice, so it will take plenty of wear before the system breaks.  And Backswords are functional for battlefield use, with this one having a sturdy basket.

Reviews Are Important

   Not just will it with coarse grit stone precision slice, but will it with medium grit stone follow up use hack.  And since this is not some chisel or repetitiously doing the same cut, great fineness of edge or even polish is not needed.
   And this version from Museum Replica is the Windlass Steelcrafts version of the Conan Sword.  With balance near the guard to move to move the center of percussion outward, requiring plenty of mass to support the area near the tip.
   With plenty of handling near the point of balance, not much conservation of angular momentum will happen, to that bastard-sword will really get the momentum moving.  Along with the need for plenty of material to be needed to be used, to deal with the stresses of all of that momentum.  And since bastard swords deal with both one handed and two handed use evenly, this heavy item with carefully controlled balance from Windlass Steelcrafts is one nice example of design. 
   As for this showing a heavier substitute for both a Chinese Broadsword and the Chinese Straight Sword, with these substitutes having optional two-hand uses.  So these are stand-in replacements for two hand Chinese arms, with speed of single-hand arms in the hands of experienced practitioners.

Another Video Review

   External power, is power at the closest point of contact.  And training with the heavy arms, power at the point of contact is developed.  As in toughened skin and solidified bone structure, while tendons eventually develop to support that solidified bone structure.

Test Cutting Is Important

And more videos from this unique interpretation of this sword, are found by following a Hyper-Link found here.  So just click that link found in an earlier sentence.  And there are single edged items, with cutting test involved.

Optional sword fittings are available, for the single edged version of a heavy cutter.  With possible Dao use, for this sword shown by following this Hyper-Link.

This Eli Sword as a Video

With a lighter than the Conan Sword variant created by Ryan Swords, double edged straight blade.  And the length on this blade, accessible through this Hyper-Link moves it out of the bastard sword role, into a possibly two-handed role.  For researchers to evaluate, that Assassin's Creed model of sword.


   This is a variant of Japanese style of sword I can agree with, for powerful two handed cutting.  With aggressive enough cutting, with that bitting even if not with a charging at the target.  And here is the Hyper-Link to the target, to be found.

   And this example of a Naginata Sword seems interesting.  So I have included this Hyper-Link for access.  To that description, of the sword.

Versatile Single Edged Swords

   A variety of this type of swords exist, with locating them being the difficult part existing.  Because if the goal is reducing overall weight, then versatile equipment is the goal.  With some items not listed as being formally swords, being geared toward maximum versatility like the Woodsman's Pal.  And the Hyper-Link to the Woodsman's Pal is found here.  So do not panic, before continuing to search on.


Movie Swords

   Those swords from the Kill Bill series of movies, have a known weakness.  Revealed with this hyper-Link, to the article.  With another supplier found at this alternative Hyper-Link, found here.  For the pleasure of the searching.


Roman Swords

One version of the Maintz Roman Gladius, being made by Windlass Steelcrafts is found at this Hyper-Link.  While another is found at another place.

While Swords Direct, has a different Hyper-Link for its Maintz Roman Gladius.  With the Hyper-Link to its site being found, in this sentence.


Enhanced Wood Swords

   A general page is found at this location, where I have difficulty having the order process.  So at a future time I can get assistance with some of this material, getting processed.  Along with characters that can be added to this enhanced material sword, such as for Jodo or even Aikido use.  
   And through a Hyper-Link a phrase is available, with a code number to enter into the blank.  With the code number of ph2.126 entered into the blank, for the inscription.  As for the Staff type items, I can wait for competent instruction to become available.  Because people enjoy abusing this type of material, then actively mislabeling this conduct as harmless fun.
   As for the Tsuba, some technical difficulties exist.  So assistance with the processing of the payments is required, because some locations on the Internet are not the friendliest when it comes to accepting payments.
   With a stand, one version will have both the Jo and a Heavy Version of Wooden Sword available for this.  And if placed under heavy glass, plenty will happen to prevent dust from settling.  While the Enhanced Wood versions of Sword and Staff will be resistant to decay, even if the source of the decay is dust.


Regular Wood Weapons

Chinese Wooden Dao

   The Two Handed Da Dao is one desired item.  And here is the Hyper-Link to the Two Handed Da Dao, for practice arms.  With this activity eventually arriving, after enough of a wait.  As for bureaucrats, they will lie to use ripped out of context, this as evidence to prove love of recreational street fighting.  All as part of enforcing strife so they can get their emotional charge.


European Swords

   Some European Swords are in Limited Edition Runs.  With some nice features for use, even though a ring on the left would have been a nice feature for the guard.  Plenty of nice things are available, for tasks at hand.


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