Sunday, December 20, 2015


Allen Eberle
1830 Pershing Blvd.
Clinton, Iowa 52732


   This is not an actual paper-mill, instead it is an artist attempting to convert a hobby scale business into a functional business.  With the real cell-phone number of 1-563-219-6905, along with this entry being so I can look up the actual phone number at a later date.


Brent Emery Pieczynski

   I know Allen Eberle, along with knowing that plenty of things about employment being often based on assumptions made by the Chamber of Commerce.  And he just does not have the time required to straighten out all of those assumptions, because art must be created, instead of plenty of miscommunication being corrected.

   With assistance being soon being supplied, resulting from interested parties doing certain things.  As part of a movement that will gradually grow, in-spite Allen attempting to move things excessively quickly to growth.  While I tell Allen, just do art while things need to grow at an easy pace.


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