Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ideal Bicycle

An Idealized Bicycle


   I did a search for, 110 kgs to lbs, to learn that I am under 220lbs approximate weight.  By my weighing in between 160lbs to 180lbs usually, the Krieger bike is recommended, especially if it is hilly.  With this Hyper-Link added, for further details being accessible.


Krieger Video Explains the Motor System


Some versions are electric powered only mode.

   I am avoiding the Yike Bike, with its all electric mode, even though it is highly maneuverable I do not enjoy all of that excitement.  So I will pass that choice over for a more conservative design for my activity.  Such as a casual travel speed, with good enough storage in an office.

   While the Gi Bike, offers an entirely different experience for riding.  With both the traditional pedal power, along with the electrical assistance mode of transportation.  As in traveling at an enjoyable speed, with having an easier parking of the vehicle, at the end of the journey.

   As for a dense urban area, that A-Bike is able to fit into smaller areas.  So as to conceal itself until short distance travel is needed.  So this is a dense urban area oriented transporter, while I would often prefer the Gi Bike for most places, with bicycle racks often being good enough.  With the A-Bike assuming the environment to be not friendly to the bicycle, so it becomes easier to protect from theft.

   As for Audi, it has performance and innovation with its Audi E-Bike, as one of its innovative solutions.  Good for those out to press the limits, opposite of the A-Bike required for the crowd staying clearly inside of the limits.  While I am open to take a limited quantity of risks, so the Gi Bike is more along the lines of travel.  Otherwise public transportation for much of the journey would stack things toward the A-Bike's design approach.  Instead I plan to enjoy the journey as another part of life.

   While if the bicycle is for evasion and escape, then a Stealth Bicycle might be a quality option.  With appropriate licensing and training to handle something with this much power.  And for dangerous situations before extensive training for special license qualifications, the Audi E-Bike would work where the Gi Bike would fail entirely.  If smooth and hard surfaces, the Yike Bike would form better evasive activities than the Gi Bike, geared toward ease and comfort instead of performance.  Yet I desire ease and comfort for when some definite threat type is not identifiable, within the environment.


This is Brent Emery Pieczynski

I have enemies

   Enemies can list me as being Demonic, as in having traits of Demons.  With others accusing me of being a Demoniac, as being controlled by demons.  Where when things have foundations in evidence, then fully equipped groups of investigators are needed.

I am calling those Demonologist to Investigate me

   My enemies fear the actual investigations, because if a Demonologist arrives, they to will be tested for potential influences.  And since those people use tactics of terror to enforce special programs, relying on the label of Traditional Christian being pasted onto me.  Just like the label of the Christian Identity Movement, then this is a nasty indicator.  Where first the victim is labeled as a Traditional Christian then followed by, being Indoctrinated into the beliefs of Christian Identity Movement Theology.

Department of Homeland Security

   I know that the investigation will lead to my permanent relocation, with possible scanning of my bones to determine if difficult to remove ID-Chips are still functional.  Followed by, questioning what the specifics are about encouraging people to choose the label of Christian.  Such as body toxin enforcement and ECT to both disable the anatomy, to brutalize people like myself into proclaiming to be Traditional Christians.

   And any person reading this item, remember to forward this to the nearest National Security personal.  So I can be removed from that funnel that feeds warm bodies into the Christian Identity Movement, being the Traditionalism Defined Christianity.  With the Traditionalism Defined Christianity preparing people for, both the financial gain of bureaucrats and destructive groups.  As the destructive group participation proves, more need for care from bureaucrat approved sources.

   Along with my going away to whatever new program, those bureaucrats will not comprehend that gaining their trust, will convert them into someone's source of income.  And I am calling for them to be eaten alive, by a competing bureaucratic structure.


An Alternative

Improved Technology Example



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