Thursday, November 26, 2015

Floggers and milder things.


Just wait until those in Organized Witchcraft for the State Of Alaska, learn that I have a ritual planned.  And sometime after they get out of their Committee Meetings and Council Activities, I might shit myself during a ritual.

And the people I deal with are arrogant enough to film premeditated street violence, then brag about it.  As for no serious investigations, these are stopped by bureaucrats listing the violent people as being my friends.

This is the same leadership structure that has been abusing me  for around, Four and One-Half Decades.  With people in leadership positions, such as my brother named David Pieczynski, found in Idaho.  And all reporting is to place me in, the worst possible context, so family can tell how good they are by comparison.   

So after this happens, I will need a place to hide.  Because incompetence in deed, is not equal to people not eventually learning about their looking bad.

Incompetence Blended with The Ritual

Variety exist, with all of the spanking equipment.  Instead of maximum intensity, alternatives exist.  And do I get to wear some sweater dress, with a nice full slip when enjoying receiving attention from this?  As part of willfully sinning by wearing what is not proper for a man to wear.  Will itself, according to the Holy Bible, prepares for the setting up of the demonic.  Therefore; having a reader, requesting the spirit of could be ritually done with this knowingly sinning, along with assistance of the dress.

So rhythm for the lambskin flogger users can be maintained, with a Metronome.  Just like the requester of the spiritual influences, can have the chant written in measure, to assist in rhythm of the lambskin flogger use.  While the deerskin flogger is also gentle, while having more length for experienced flogger users.  For that potentially my filling diaper under the dress, resulting from the ritually doing of what is potentially classified as, a Demonic Ritual

With a rhythm of ritual, being for brainwave alteration.  And this meditative state, can with certain herbs reduce the adrenal stress levels.  With an example of an herbalist able to supply details, being known as Susan Weed.  Along with a variety of her using plenty of social media to teach, all about herbs.  But poppies, cannabis, and chamomile, assist with relaxation, if I comprehended the material correctly.

These incompetents will potentially get laid back, as in a night of instead of enforcing boundaries.  Then every boundary violated, will lead to great difficulty trying to correct things.  And even good spiritual forces, such as taking communion requires careful preparation.  All followed by my getting blamed, for calling up nasty material.  With the investigation needing to avoid laughter, because my enemies do what looks like some form of, perversion oriented comedy.


Without competent and systematic preparation, any activity with the demonic will have terrible consequences.  With even the words of Jesus to his Disciples proclaiming this, with some only coming out through prayer and fasting.

Below This Line is Optional Accessories

Leaving those people to do their-own ritual equipment shopping, adds another layer of delay.

Here is a profile's Hyper-Link, for my activity.

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