Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vitamin B12 Sources are needed

   One example of Vitamin B12 source is spirulina, with a variety of recipes and other health benefits being available.  So here is the list of health benefits, for getting from this super-food.  From available sources on the Internet, describing these.

   And this spirulina is an algae, that grows in both hot and alkaline environments.  So it can be free of contamination, while also being a nutrient rich food.  With a place having the for sale version for immunity boosting, while attempting to promote health of the body.

   With these items just requiring time to investigate, with people worrying about how to integrate me into an Old-World-Order, with its soon collapse.  While a Post Modern World has many ideas and organisms functioning, without the need for strict and centralized management.  So this top-down approach will remain for certain items, where harmony is needed over just getting things done.

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