Friday, November 20, 2015

Foods have nutritional profiles.

Black Beans
This supplies a descent quantity of nutrition.  And even though heavy in carbohydrates, this is lacking fats.  So eating of butter and sour cream, becomes needed to adjust to this nutritional deficiency. Revealed with this link, for those details.

Be aware, the Salted Black Beans are Different than, unsalted and other variations of Black Beans.  And even though the weight gain is not that much, this process of weight loss is plentiful.  With nutrients being only fifty percent complete, so varying the diet is important.  Just like reading the area of the original documents page, telling of the good.
Sour Cream
This is not for either weight gain or weight loss.  With plenty of saturated fats making things bad.  While there is good news, with this supplying a break from sodium in the diet.  And it moves people away from optimum health, according to this link.

So if there is a desperation to get fat in the diet, this product can assist with that process.  While the nutrient balance is only 21 on the scale.  This can be used in limited amounts, to promote health only if the body is starved of fats.
Butter Salted
This is one terrible, choice of nutrients to apply into the body.  Even scoring worse than Sour Cream, in this search item that neglects adding hemp to its database.  With this link to the conclusion, to assist with the process of learning.

Animal fats found in butter, cheese and eggs.  Is a supply of many benefits, yet people often polarize, followed by fanatical following of certain sources of materials.
Whipped Butter with Salt
This protein is of high quality, just not much of it.  As revealed with this link, with analysis revealing plenty of harm.  Such as this not contributing to healthy weight gain or any weight loss.  As shown through this link.

With this being a mainstream type of source.  Being a voice used in a bullying way to silence opposing perspectives, because scaling up death is profitable.
Coconut Oil
This has poor weight gain, along with terrible general health according to this source.  With its selection of biases, for the study.  As in the cornerstone of the worst possible diet in existence.  With this link to the Original Source, found here.

As a product where alternative news sources list this as a beneficial to human health food.  Just like sour cream supplies good nutrition, that coconut oil from the same mind set would be beneficial.
Black Tea prepared with Tap Water
This lacks nutrition and is listed as poor for the health, according to one source.  But it can provide an acceptable level of weight loss, if that is the goal.  With this link, to the original source material.
Healthy fats are available.
With sources that are in direct conflict with other sources, certain people if making bad choices will suffer.  And some of these beneficial items are readily available for consumption, found commonly in stores or at least orderable over the Internet.

For source materials, go to certain alternative sources.  Such as this one revealed by this hyper-link.
Palm Oil
This is more complex than, what many people want to proclaim.  So why not load my diet with plenty of Palm Oil, including Red Palm Oil and various other than the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated types.

With diet choice related information, often conflicting with other information.  Needing alternative sources of information, from hyper-links such as this one is critical.
Saturated Fats
These saturated fats can be good for people, provided they are not modified in some laboratory.  And if this assumption is wrong, what is so terrible about the anti-totalitarian approach of eating good food as part of enjoying life?  With this hyper-link leading to more details, for those desiring to investigate the research.
So establishing what a person desires to believe is first done, followed by the evidence arranging itself to back those beliefs.  With my enjoyment of some coconut oil and unrefined red palm oil, both being possibilities.  And one example of unrefined red palm oil, being marketed under a variety of brand names.  With flavoring altered to avoid tasting like carrots.

With choosing what is desired, then living with the consequences being one of those things.  Yet bureaucrats can-not comprehend that, so when questioned to the point of fatigue.  This resulted in those bureaucrats being questioned about if their protocols were appropriate.

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