Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cycles, both beneficial and destructive.

Cycles that benefit and destroy, are both real.
Items can work together to benefit people, as well as to destroy people.
With many people becoming upset, because the vicious cycles that destroy the lives of other people, benefit them.  And here is a hyper-link to some reference material.
What compels people's choices to act?
This is one complex area of study, with people being driven to do more of the conduct they desire to not do.  As revealed in the Personal Document Format (PDF), attached to by a hyper-link.
Social Trap
This is one form of destructive situation. And while methods exist to avoid it, certain people acting for short-term gain will tend to over-exploit a resource.
These destructive cycles, exist in a variety of neighborhoods.
Foundations for Destruction are known.
And I plan to take advantage of these, because traps exist in society to enforce destructiveness.  So just wait for the manifestation of destruction, arriving soon enough.  With my only needing to wait for people's fantasy life to create the intended result.
Automatic activation of expected expected roles is possible.
It just requires practice in the activation of the roles, to make role activation easier over time.  But the goal directed pursuit of placing of selected behavior into people over time, remains a requirement.

So if a group of people, believe some person must be out to destroy them.  Plenty of people are then working together, as a form of goal fulfillment.  With people feeding in these social perceptions into people, with mass-consumption oriented media.  And this mass-consumption oriented media, remains commonly referred to as mass media.  With the pushing things out being the most common mode, of mass media.
Social expectations are verified, by the response people give to social clues.
So this is a subtle way people have of, agreeing upon an outcome.  Without explicit planning or explicit communication, to achieve that outcome.  Known as non-conscious behavioral conformation, with questioning about how real this is.

With gradual building of perceptions, on the part of various people.  So rumors, unchecked assumptions, purposely inaccurate records, and other sources.  Are all contributers to, a potential to create great levels of destruction.
What will be perceived as evidence?
People perceive as evidence, those traits they were expecting.  When behaviors are chosen to maintain certain perceived traits, it is because those behaviors are of perceived benefit to the individual.
Actions provide evidence of other conduct.
1.)Items can even without an assumed hidden action, can be considered wrong.  As in a, "per se", being the word for wrong itself.

2.)Judgments and special terms are common.  Such as being used in many countries.
Here is what happens when a person is committed by oath to a God.

If they break the oath, then it is the will of the God they have taken the oath to for bringing the result of the curse.  With Homo Sacer, that sacer refers to being set apart.  As such the death would be have been, perceived as being by the will of a god.

With sacer being for both sacred and the cursed.  So speaking an item conditionally upon oneself, if something does-not happen a certain way, is conditional self-cursing.  And this self-cursing will happen, with a variety of strange mechanisms bringing them to have perceived evidence in this reality.
And I meet the definition of High Risk Personal.

Mostly for my having symbolic value and being isolated, so as to be a softer-target.  Yet if they commit their oaths, to break them, along with building up an image of me that is completely false.  Evidence can be created by mutual interaction, using Sociality Concepts found in this article through hyper-linking.  And so it is not overlooked, National Security Related Material is attached to by means of this hyper-link.

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