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Things have intended uses, with others leading to difficulties.

This is one of my dream meals.
   And just because I dream about it, does not make this into a source of goodness for me.  With materials that scrape the bowels, so stimulants can cause water to enter the bowels better.  Just open that mouth, for eating something healthy.
   As the nightmarish approach of highchair bondage games, with lubrication oriented foods.  And chocolates both lubricate and stimulate, for the waking up from a nasty sleep.  Along with soluble fiber and sweetness having results on stool control.

Bitter Sweet Chocolate Sauce
   This would be strange, served with mixed in shredded coconut.  While the fat rich foods such as cheese-cake do lubricate the insides, like animal fat does.  And things such as Gerber's Single Grain Cereal, just slide out into the pants.
   And those bittersweet experiences, form the fabric of society.  With plenty of things unstated, yet suppressed for changing people.  Then the transformation eventually has some, severe and unexpected consequences.

Anti itch compounds can have weird results, in the applications such as drugging for disorientation.

   Items exist that have multiple versions of use situations.  Such as enjoyment becomes, by changing context being Mentha being a natural insecticide.

The Menthol is antibacterial, along with possible synergy.

   A pain reliever can have an intensified result.  With a variety of complex effects, as possible drug interaction.

Does the anise oil actually supply, psychoactive effects?

   This is in itself a precursor to the manufacturing of illicit chemicals.  While also a difficult item to have used to enter an altered state, with the not yet modified form.

   Plenty of misused items such as cooking ingredients, can accumulate in a person to cause difficulties.  So addressing this difficulties as being real, is the first step, for example looking for the causes of what actually causes difficulties is one difficulty.

The active chemical found in wormwood.

   With looking to the pharmacology of the substance, for lethal dose related treatment.  With items such as Absinthe loosing this compound due to distillation, while a long produced Polish drink does not go through distillation.  Yet is still a bitter drink, leading to the need to look up the magical properties of herbs.
Even present era science is being misused.

   Plenty of evidence for the complexity of life, is found all of the time.  While people will censor and terrorize individuals that question, using other than carefully rehearsed questions.  As part of maintaining a system, so investigation of the honest type is removed to lead people in mass to destruction.

   With this being misusing of investigation, to avoid leading people to freedom.  But instead to destruction, through carefully arranged situations.  And this if honesty is used, can be remedied.  But short-term gain and fear will bring the disaster, so waiting for destruction to happen will be a factual part of life.
For xeriscape, as an approach to gardening Rosemary is common.

   This rosemary is for associated with fairies, with water magic being common.  While a list of magical properties exist for this substance, a xeriscape garden with items such as rosemary is great.
   With the phytochemical not being directly to humans a nutrient.  While able to if not damaged by heat, to potentially nourish bacteria.  So cleaning up the insides of a person through phytochemical use, by use of a cold infusion is one application.
   So filling the container to twice as deep as the dried herb, then soaking it overnight.  With phytochemical content invading the bowels, for gas formation and cramping.  All without that much good taste to go with this rosemary, while use in flavoring roast and stuffing is a more accepted role of use.
Recipes for feeling better inside with Rosemary are possible.

   Eating those vegetables is a good thing.  With this slow-cooker recipe, being a way to sneak in items if constipated.  Yet I need to have plenty of good changes, with other modes of interaction such as coconut oil or unrefined palm oil.  Plenty of regulation of bowels is needed, through variety instead of forcing regularity.
A bread for increasing calories, can also be enjoyable.

   This bread can be enjoyed, yet the ingredients can be adjusted to cause difficulties.  Yet this can be a cause of hardship, such as if I do not drink enough.
While the cookies can be problematic, phytochemical content is a difficulty.

   Along with many examples, the case of fermentable dietary fibers is only one special case of this category.  And Phytochemistry is the study of chemicals derived from plants.  With this used in herbal medicine, as part of acquiring chemicals associated with those plants.
Licorice can be used to suppress perceived thirst. 

   With reduced sodium availability and hypertension, having the licorice available in some sweet form.  And countering the fat loss if calories are added is good, along with bone strengthening.  So an overweight person needing to heal bones, using this will benefit.  While increased tension and dehydration both act to potentially shut the body down.

   So stress reduction practices with intentional scheduling of drinking are both needed, to prevent collapse.  While physically weak and dehydrated people, can lose weight this does not benefit lean tissue if prolonged.

   This correct use for licorice is the treatment of Hypotension.  With sodium and water intake both needing to be monitored.  And misuse leads to weakening and collapse.  Such as mysteriously started health difficulties, such as hypertension with muscular weakening causing heart failure.
Cardiac dysfunction and severe hypertension can be created by lifestyle.

   To create a stressed out individual, able to die from a heart-attack, just sneak plenty of licorice sources into the diet.  But if hypotension is the problem, include salty snacks and drinks.  With dosage and monitoring of common difficulties being done for the one with hypotension.

   A variation of cakes that could be flavored with substitutes such as anise.  With Root Beer and Stout both being sources.  So natural ingredient Root Bear and actually licorice flavored stout, to go with some nice cake or other food when introduced for pleasure can be a strain.

   Salt in the diet to counter this weakness, such as salty snacks at the party, to cause a variety of other difficulties.  Can up the tension, followed by some drinkers potentially getting into some fights.  So a licorice themed party can lead to someone going off on an obsession, with hypertension driving the spiral.  And do not forget those licorice flavored tobacco plugs, to drive the cycle of addiction.
Here are the Medical details.

   The alteration of both the heart and the stool, are issues.  With sodium intake cause a variety of interactions.  So an individual with heart difficulties, with the desire to get the stool moving will have difficulties.  With salty products combined with licorice snacks that do not alter most people, causing the heart weakened individual to die.

   So licorice can be potentially used as a tool for murder, or just supplying the overstressed revolutionary a means to both enjoyment and death.
The applications avoid the candy area with licorice.

   Just how dangerous is this licorice.  This product that can sooth a cough, along with a group of medicinal qualities.  Just check the evidence for details.  
Flavor enhancement is possible, while adding sweetness.

   Items such as chocolate benefit from, Fennel Pollen being added.  And as for magical items, protection, healing, and purification are had.  As in healing up and not feeling unclean, are both good things to have.  While also helping people feel secure, as part of health and healing are good.
Another item of Giant Fennel, is difficult to place into potential misuse.

   Another item is a problem, is the medical properties.  With these involving a difficulty, being a free PDF for downloading.  While common use is as a stick or other item, such as corporal punishment or food preparation oriented use.

Fennel pizza and other recipes exist.

1.)With Chocolate-Cake being wonderful, as another example.

2.)With These Chocolate Truffles being enjoyable also, as I desire to sample.
3.)White Chocolate Truffles are available.

4.)Adjusting the sugar for gluten-free cakes is required.

Fennel misuse involves exposure to Estragole.

   Health harm can be carcinogenic and other forms of action.  Yet these details are in a Portable Document Format (PDF), for listing common uses as being potentially inappropriate.  So fennel can harm pregnant women, nursing women, and small children, as part of vulnerability during early life.

   And this controversy exist, because of vested interest in a variety of products.  So researchers are called into question, with this chemical also found in Sweet Basil and Sweet Fennel.  With the variations being in the description of the article, instead of the article itself.
Where does the industry perceive as good, use of Estragole?

1.)Perborate Powder Detergent, so powered with borax detergent is a bad thing.

2.)Concentrated Fabric Softeners, so avoid fabric softeners to save some money.

3.)Soaps, as part of building a more pleasant scent, so avoid those strongly scented soaps. 

4.)Fine fragrances, so heavy application of perfumes can be a source of exposure.

5.)Toiletry applications, with scented products.  So cleaning and grooming oneself is a source of chemical exposure.

6.)Antiperspirants, for preventing the sweat glands from working under the arm.  Those have scent control from chemical sources.

7.)While hair, skin, wet fabric and dry fabric are not good holders of this specific chemical.  And it is a diffusive, so it spreads out over some area.
   Intended uses are generally safe for products.  While other uses, are often with unexpected consequences.  And because certain products increase sensations people feel, more of the product sells.
   So if society finds the cost of certain products to be extreme.  Then a Market Failure will have happens, with market failures happening.  And that is where government will grow until, all is regulated to the point of collapse.
   As far as cancer related deaths, two-thirds are preventable with lifestyle modifications.  Yet these continue, while most items are common sources.  While less common sources of cancer will be found in time, for the population at large.  With genetic damage to cells done over a lifetime, so age increases the likelihood of cancer happening.  And people are living longer these days, for that old-age disease known as cancer to manifest.

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