Sunday, October 18, 2015

What is in my mind, being transformation.

If butter is terrible, then allow it to contribute to my death.

   It is not in and of itself certain substances alone, that plug the circulatory system.   Yet that crowd that oversimplifies everything, is the source of death for people.  So here is a video explaining that butter can be good for people.


Here is the second part of the video about the health benefits of butter, so I will need good nutrition.

     Some people claim I will be gone for making witches look bad.  Yet the role I have, involves plenty of terrible action.  Where the complexity of what I am involved in, will result in the need to open a filing cabinet drawer.  Resulting from reports interacting with other reports, causing security clearance upping of previously easily accessible materials.


Remember to enjoy coffee or tea, because of the history.

The first video

This second of four, explaining why I desire to enjoy certain vices.

Three of four

This four of the four


The Chocolate Information by Susan Weed.

Part one of two parts

Part two of two parts


     Chocolate as a Super Food to go together with butter.  To improve my health, then I could use a tea diffuser.  With other chocolate related materials being available.

     Here is about the hemp, that I desire to enjoy many products from.  With only at one thing being eating hemp-foods for eating, even though industrial hemp contains some traces cause difficulties.

Here is the hemp oriented material, about what I plan to eat. 

     Along with other videos that will also apply.  Yet finding those will be difficult, so searching tools have been developed for that.


     If hemp is actually deadly to eat, then bring on the hemp to test this.  Followed by nice amounts of butter for my body to ingest, for the benefit.  With plenty of chocolate to keep those calories up.

     And since bureaucrats have decided enforcing me toward terrorism is to be listed as a peaceful alternative to Yang Style Tai Chi, with Yang Style being basically about loosening muscles to prevent their fighting against each other.  Then for fitness I could go back into medium frame Tai Chi without groups attacking me, to grind me down.  Along with law enforcement having been contacted to deal with the issue.

   With eventually exploring the Small Frame interpretation of Yang Style and the Large Frame interpretation of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  And if the reference to loosening stiff muscles, it is because certain bone arrangements enhance the ability to relax stiff muscles.  Yet sport fighting types desire to have the Independent Living Services boss, proclaim me to desire to assist in committing terrorist activities as part of a group.

     That is as part of one of those terrorist groups that my Big-Brother desires to list as being good people.  And the reason for the coercing of me, is because of the ability to take advantage of the developmentally disabled, such as those with head injuries like I have.  Then this training will eventually lead to multiple ranges of using the Dadao found with Condor Knives.

     Plenty of this nutritional information has been around for many years, even though not classified is also not known about.  And this information that hardly any person has interest in is also classified as being, esoteric information.  With the worst people deciding to settle, where no person will ever investigate them.  So I received the threat that I might not be around when Halloween arrives, so enjoy the coming destruction to result from my lifestyle.