Sunday, November 6, 2016

What should I wear, to my spanking?

My coming Spanking

   A pencil skirt is classic for this role, with choosing the correct size being tricky.  Yet I will be able to shop around, for something better fitting.  With Muted Brown in XL-Tall will be sized about correct, from Loft 415 to pin my legs when I kneel.
   With this Hyper-Link to that Muted Brown XL-Tall Pencil Skirt. 


This is not a caning

   A caning can sting, while often having carefully aimed points of contact.  With some examples built around stinging, that point of contact such as around safe to contact places.  With historically correct stingers, such as found with this Hyper-Link to these School House Canes.  And those created for stinging are a lighter weight version, found at this Hyper-Link for use.

   Other materials for canes exist, while also being thin with sting in some versions.  Canes can be stiff enough to aim, while some versions can be thought of as being short.  With sanitation of materials along with maintenance being issues for use.



   This is a whole category of materials, for easier sanitation and maintenance. Such as is available though this Hyper-Link to an Online Store's webpage.

   While this section about the collection is not rendering correctly, because this editor is refusing to allow the intentional normal size fonts to be treated as such.  So the result is plenty of this incorrectly sized fonts, until the machine correctly sizes the fonts.

   With plenty of time consuming modifications needing to be done to the documentation, resulting from automated modification of font types.  So modification of specifics for what is listed as "normal" or other sized items, that is not enough to encourage things to behave well-enough.


Specialized Equipment

   Spanking Skirts look like a nice option, such as this Large Sized Skirt found here.  With classic backside viewing, for access with my 35-Inch approximately sized waist.  While other versions of spank skirts are available, such as this XXL-Sized Spanking Skirt.  With my feeling the sting of some cane, of a size easy to use on my skirt wearing body.  So during the spanking I can learn, what smearing from tears makeup is like.  While something different, such as a leather implement can do sting the spank spot, if not desiring the vibration to hurt the wrist.
   While the use of some things for Over The Knee (OTK), can supply plenty of stinking potential.  Such as this item built to sting, in the form of a school house cane.  As for tops, things can be interesting.  While not having the strain going into the arm, will involve a different piece of equipment.  As in a Hyper-Link to a yielding item with enough mass have less acceleration on impact.



   I thought of an XL-Shirt, with those measurements not including the need for stretching of the top.  With a slight tightness at my waist, because some foundation wear needs to shape my belly down to 36-inches.  As for color a Medium Grey seems like a nice choice, because like Raisin it has a certain amount of stretch.
   While a gunmetal color is nice, for a top with a loose fit.  With the XL-Sizing, this will be intentionally loose.  And because of the looseness, trimming to a large, might show my belly off.  So I will prefer a XL-Size for this unique item, for wearing with the pencil skirt.  Along with a high contrast color for a restraint system.


Reason For a Skirt


This skirt would list me as not actually being a male