Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I ordered a skirt online.

Skirt Feel

   This Comfortably cut Maxi-Skirt, worn with some <> footwear is a nice combination.  With the possibility of my finally being spanked while wearing a long skirt or full length dress.  Along with a picture of my smeared from tears makeup running down my face.  All for my account at <>, with my porn video uploaded to my account.
   And I left a little stain on the front of this Maxi-Skirt from the excitement of wearing it, so why not attach those shocker pads to the tops of each of my thighs.  At the place of the crotch area, the tops of the thighs can be thought of as causing irreversible change to my perceived sexuality.
   With the spanking starting up covered bottom, followed by skirt up, so those thighs can be targeted.  And after I am crying, those tops of the inner thighs are to have those electrical pads attached.  Along with my being told, with this trait changed the details to how some Intersex Condition can apply.
   As for the Intersex Condition applying, there is always a hormonal suppository for verified hormone usage.  And this is part of verified hormonal use, as part of legal sexual transformation process.  With thoughts of this happening, causing me to fantasize about soaking a skirt with body waste.  Along with needing to hand-wash this skirt, because of my bad thoughts causing my masculine to squirt some sticky.

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