Saturday, May 16, 2015

Varied Potential

I have been into making videos accessible, that were not in the past easily accessible.
This video is to assist in becoming a bisexual sissy.

While I have thought about forbidden experiences, such as potty denial such as with locking plastic pants.  Linked through from a variety of locations, for experiencing soaking in my waste.  Even though that would be dirty.

Alternatives to locking things exist, while that would not be part of experiencing the emotional conflict.

Those into diapering for bondage can order Inspire, with these to go over them.  With locking for that experience, while whining and crying can seem so wrong.

Certain hypnotic pornography is findable on my hard-drive.  With some of these involving enhanced brainwashing along with age-regression.  Such as with children's television.  And those portable audio players with ear-buds can be stacked with goodness.

I have thought about starting a relation with a woman yet how to start it on a solid foundation, is one of those confusing things.  Such as situations for connecting emotionally, such as establishing roles that are well defined.

Feeling confused about some things can lead to difficulties.  So people have ways of avoiding confusion about goals, with this causing some difficulties to outsiders.  Such as adventures with a babysitter, yet what kind of babysitter is the question.

   I was so long waiting to complete things, some improvised adult diaper, as a terry cloth bath towel, with adult safety pins.  Was used while I was distracted by the Hypno category of the, clips 4 sale store.  With Pampered Penny having limited hypnosis.  While Tara Tainton also has a Laxatives Category and Wetting as a category.

   A link to a strange store with locking punishment panties exist, with even a version that prevents feeling up the legs.

This is my link to the Store.

The locks on these are sold separately.

A full PVC adult baby romper, for keeping diapers on, with lockable as an option.

With a partial yet still orderable as lockable, Adult Baby Romper.

These look cute, while my sense of sizing is off.

   Erotic versions of things are not for serious pain, yet can be nasty anyway.  As in teasing of an individual, to cause suffering.

Erotic in the pink version of the flogger.

Items for pleasure are nice.

Soak before use, for sting and noise.

   People come up with those strange ideas, that can be nightmarish.  So this type of thing is describable, yet the images related to it are terrible.
Pink strap to create a stink.

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