Monday, June 1, 2015

Zorb Super Absorbent Fabric

   Materials for specialized applications, are available.  Yet for building applications, hempcrete is a better choice, for moisture re-absorption.  And there will be plenty of moisture, with an occupied structure.  Even if the reflective fabric walls are generating two-way mirror effects.

This is an example of hempcrete, as a building material.

   And notice the issue of moisture management, being one of those issues.  Yet I think of this as in, if enforced into some bed-wetting situation.  Or other thing, such as a prolonged journey to some place.  For an experience, to be evaluated later.

Presentation for the correct movement, during the final battle.

   With the feminine pattern walking, promoted by orgasm belt use.  With its refusal being prevented by through the night with no bathroom breaks positioning.  And there are mattress protection examples, for this sort of arrangement.  Even though for the stretch, a larger mattress size can get selected.

   As for training, clothing choices can be selected, complete with color coordination.  Such as with those waterproof panties, made to match the dress.  With many examples of dress, existing in PVC-Clothing as a category.

   For comparison, gauze allows better breathing.  While birdseye is there for many to see.  So training videos meant to have enemies enraged at deviance, would for example show a clear dress, along with clear plastic pants.  With mass from the birdseye version of a diaper, found in the night-time weight.  For showing diaper wearing and stereo-typed feminine clothing together.

   And this preparation of the mind, is a force-multiplication measure.  Where the more that is invested in proclaiming some person to never be able to, avoid destruction during a type of conflict.  The greater the blind area known as the area of darkness, I can hide inside of becomes.  While with art, the many perspectives on a very limited area, the less areas of blindness in that area will exist.  So an over the top evaluation of a small body of information is required for art to succeed.

   While the technician deals with carefully concealed from other people details, with an environment built around concealing this insider information.  Then total loss will exist, if the insider information is revealed, so sports revolve around the use of insider information.  With art being about what is of or related to an area of study.

   So rammed earth construction can deflect all the roof thrust into the ground, along with hempcrete evening out the moisture during the solar cycle.  With support walls on the outer area able to absorb and release moisture, while a battle area can have all the wiring run below it for the lighting and filming system.  For an area of one-hundred meters by one-hundred meters, with lighting and other things, creating a larger span.

   A floor of reinforced concrete, covered with a stainless steel such as 316L being a navel environment stainless steel.  Then covered with electrically conductive carpeting, to prevent static electric build up.  Yet even if the temperature is kept constant, along with moisture reabsorbing properties of hempcrete indoors.  Those saturation points are eventually crossed, so a fog can then be generated.  Then even with lighting to lift this off of a battlefield, lighting can only go so far.  Before the vaporized moisture condenses on the hempcrete covering the supports, then drips from over saturation.

   And once saturation dynamics take place, sealed lighting tested for condensing humidity environments and running off generators, will be the emergency backup item.  This will create the fog clearing out being, opening the main doors, yet if there is heat and oppressive humidity.  This will result in condensing humidity inside of a high thermo-mass environment.  As in main doors used with aircraft hangers, and formal warehouses to allow large quantities of materials to be transported in a hurry. 

   As in vortex technology light arms being accessible, as in scaled down versions of LP-Cannons for birds.  Where an artillery piece can push down with shock-wave use a wall, made of loosely stacked bricks.  Because the air an fuel is mixed in a chamber, then it travels down a chamber that flares outward, much like a horn.  With condensation happening on the outside of the shock-wave, so rings of traveling fog are created.  Along with plenty of noise and high visibility results, these involve more reach than Tesla Guns.

For the capture of the intruders for interviewing, to gather intelligence is possible.

   With plenty of these items, such as vortex based arms, enough air must be moved.  So complimentary technologies must be involved, to cause enough of a response to incapacitate those needing to be captured.  For that reason, reduced lethality arms specialist would be called into position, so capturing of my enemies for intelligence gathering purposes can be done.

The likely arms type, to find with such an enemy.

   This assumes those people are competent, instead of using force multiplication measures.  Such as psychological manipulations, where their group's leadership dictates that anything that could go wrong being brought up.  Must lead to terrorizing of that individual, combined with careful selection of items, because incompetency must be chosen to prove loyalty.

While desperation approach requires enemies choosing this type of thing.

   Even though there bragging proclaiming, close quarters combat skills to be supreme.  Would if consistency is to be practiced, improvised and deadly weapons for up-close would happen.  With such improvised weapons, to prove up close skills as part of making all things personal.

A questionable quality version, of a deadly arm weapon.

A whole sub-culture exist around this sort of implement.

   And there are many alternative technologies.  Such as coil gun variations, with difficulties functioning in certain types of environments.  So alternative arms come about, with saving arms like this until condensing humidity happens, is also a high failure rate mode of using these arms.

   When visibility is poor, the old chain of command out to enforce incompetency.  Followed by blaming the victim for the harm done, being those coerced to follow orders.  Those people will dictate to the followers, the smoke bombs must be used to increase visibility.  Not high intensity lighting, or even road flares but instead smoke bombs.  With never using any lung protection, because that will decrease usability of clearing the air.  And that chain of command involves, first incompetency at all cost.  Followed by, blaming all of the victims for their incompetency they enforce.

   So the answer is to genocide the old chain of command, with those at the bottom being, enforced into the greatest possible suffering.  While those above them get a good feeling by causing harm.  And after causing all visible light to leave, this large enough structure is so heavy vehicles with large fans can be driven in.  At which time I will have been taught about lung protection an evasion routs.  While this chain of command that made me as I am, will use fresh air pumped in to add oxygen to whatever could be smoldering.  As the only acceptable method of preventing a run away fire from happening.

   As for going to the escape tunnels, that can be placed through an intercom system.  Built around the most durable possible electronic wiring, such as coaxial cables or better durability level.  And any plans will be developed against me, so I will only be a tool of that chain of command, to cause maximized suffering to those still following their orders, because of coercion.  With any hot spot found in the structure, having that vehicles fuel tank carefully placed over it, so a polymer patched fuel tank can dump flammable liquid onto the heat source.  As a bureaucrat dictated, reduction in fire potential, through temporary heat and oxygen reduction.

   Then if I live through this, I will again be accused of cheating, by that chain of command.  Along with forcing them to work to get any material for, the indoor battle-space so only those proving greatest commitment to causing suffering to their followers.  Can then benefit from manipulating themselves into the leadership positions, then get promoted if there are enough causalities generated in their body of followers.  With one method of generating causalities being, walking into a blind spot from all directions, then firing projectiles into their fellow soldiers.  Along with all refusing to follow the incompetency being, threats to themselves and others.

   Control of the structure will be lost, then survival from that chain of command will need to be in defiance of training received by that chain of command.  So a reduced lethality arms group, will need to encourage those people to suffer enough trauma.  Then those people can reveal the culture of, selected people out to cause difficulties, followed by dictating handing over more power so more destruction can happen.  With those captured by such a group requiring psychological evaluations, along with possible assignments to places where such people could be useful.

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