Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friendly feeling home space, for that gay as in light-hearted feeling.

   I am accused by some of being a drama-queen, with links by others to what I have found.  With my perspectives on politics, being one possible reason for this.  And with people proclaiming me to be treated like royalty, specifics must be supplied.

   Things require exploration, such as color balances, as in dark chocolate or lighter chocolate.  Or people that tell about, caring enough to wear the best, as part of an experience.  Details about the best what is of critical interest.  For example, proclaiming a person has freedom, then dictating all the details, is not freedom.  With the only way to preserve a freedom, being to act on that freedom, while if unable to do so, allowing the endlessly scaled network node to collapse through mismanagement.  Because only in the case of a competently managed network node, will increasing the size of the network node increase efficiency.  So nodes are broken into manageable sized pieces for, functionally competent managing of those nodes.

   Defining freedom is based on avoidance on restrictions.  While some people will look forward to freedom to try the sensation, of certain restrictions, as an experience.  Just like some man might try skirts and dresses, because of it being forbidden.  Then lose interest when it is common, because of being not deviant, because of the nature of that specific man.  Trying new things can also lead to prolonged changes in behavior, such as habit formation, that leads to a level of dependency.

   Enjoyment can involve, wearing of colorful things, along with other variety.  Examples of lighter weight versions of, age-play party food.  While with all of this interesting to the eyes material, I must avoid those distractions, that lead to a form of complication.  With my asking questions, in an attempt to gain feedback, about how things actually work.

   Even a place at, <>, has it limited amount of hints at things.  Such as the Feather Skin Relaxer, made with ostrich feathers.  While also offering a Leather Fly Swatter, with a suggested use being, corporal punishment.  With less overt type of destruction done by the Wire Insect Swatter, as in leaving less guts behind.  So Wire Fly Swatters and Feather Skin Relaxers being left in an area of conflict, will be interesting.  While for personal enjoyment, I would desire both Large Nail Clippers and Automatic Tweezers.

   This company known as The Best Brushes, also has coffee grinders and other accessories.  Such as copper sponges for cleaning a variety of items off.  While a wooden broomstick, being one-inch thick and fifty-five inch long oak, with threaded steel tip.  It will be enough to do serious harm to people, as in conceal it in a closet, for later in a conflict.  While some brooms require require the handle without thread.  With catalog and web-site being in conflict about what is available.

   If learning about how smoke partially obstructs what is behind it, along with reflection of light enhancement.  Some mirror use familiarization will be useful, as in perception of things from new angles, along with misdirection of people's attention.  Then suggestions can gradually work their way into the mind's of other people, while slight of hand takes great practice.  Such as the suggestion, that a form of bathmat could be used as, one of those weapons.  With other suggestions such as, non-violent looking clothing, as in a quality version of a cotton bathrobe.

   Suggested lack of potential for violence, can be from aids that double as weapons.  This includes shoe-horns and walking sticks, as part of appearance.  Examples of educational materials related to walking sticks include videos and books, as in book one fictional ideal fight and book two hard reality of conflict, along with other examples.  People do not look at the mechanics of why something works, instead they blindly follow rituals proclaiming what must never be deadly.  So the Ostrich Feather duster with hardwood handle is laughed at, just like the broken end on a yardstick.

   For example; chopsticks can be made out of stainless steel, with their heating up quick in a kitchen.  While people leaving this in hot food will find the stainless steel gets, hot enough to get painful fast.  So bamboo and wood are used to prevent burns, because people when eating leave the material in contact with a heat source and expect lack of heat transfer.  Yet when not evaluated the stainless steel chopsticks look, as not possibly threatening.  Then place those in the hands of a Martial Chi Kung Expert, with those kitchen tools looking much different.  With containers holding ballpoint pens and ink-gel pens, of disposable grade out in plain sight in holding cups and other containers.  With a favorite being a wire mesh cup, with that mesh pattern for other office desktop materials.

   Fatigue, wear, and chemical corrosion are factors, so a Phosphor Bronze version of a dadao can be created.  Complete with a full depth of guard coming away from each broadside, with 30-degree bends in the quillion with edge side sweeping back and spine side quillion sweeping forward.  And a short sword with a long handle, when the 3-inch outside diameter ring at the end is for grip not counter balance.  Still have an 18-inch handle with a two-foot long blade and stay under a six-foot length, with engineers explaining how one and one-half feet joined by a less than one-half foot guard area, then added to a two foot blade.  Will lead to at most 4-feet instead of greater than six feet of length, so bureaucrats will take this to their friend to be mislabeled as the only valid expert.  When that bureaucrats friend should be listed as, the through conflict of interest, the disqualified expert.

   With air ionizers able to be plugged into wall sockets near the Phosphor Bronze versions of the Dadao.  These traits of phosphor bronze are different than for aluminum bronze, and metal hooks can be placed through the hole in the 3-inch outside diameter ring at the end of the handle, along the the end of the spine of the big-knife.  As in copper wire through holes in the dadao, to attach the wiring to hooks high on the walls on in the ceiling.  And solid copper wire can be found with insulation, so this attachment system will not look pretty yet it will, allow someone to grab it during a conflict.  And it can look wonderful with that gold color with system making it dust resistant, because of electricity.  While also the 2-inch wide handle can be made up to a half of one-inch thick.  Yet companies change their minds about what is available, so learning what items can be manufactured where is important.

   With Phosphor Bronze Big Knives, such as the Dadao, with that straight part of the edge going 30-Degrees from parallel with the handle.  So when part of the handle is slightly up farther out, as in 30-degrees from horizontal, that lead edge can be horizontal.  With if the dadao at this position has the clip points edge sixty degrees from vertical, it is because the handle when level will have the clip point's edge at 30-degrees from vertical.  Along with increasing the blade's width just prior to the clip point, is the opportunity to have a place to snag things, with part of the spine of the knife.

   Those non-iron compounds, can cool slowly to a hard area, so a thick blade can have a very hardened core.  So a half-inch thick handle and half-inch thick blade even though weighty, will not be impossible.  Then this same processing will create the guard as part of the same piece of metal, so depth as in traveling away from the knife's broadside for more complete hand protection is possible.  With this area able to snag, if left blunt being able to transfer plenty of energy to a convex surface with less sliding off.  As in either crushing a coconut or a human skull.  While each side of the lead edge's mold can involve a convex bevel, to crush material straight in-front of the dadao.

   Classically weapons such as knives and axes made of one piece of metal, are created because of need to avoid easy breaking on the battlefield.  With this design approach used in European Weapons and Chinese Weapons.  Then when an unbreakable under close to all situations is considered excessive, a functionally unbreakable is often replacing the same weapon.  Weight can make the nearly unbreakable sword nearly impossible to use, while functionally unbreakable under normal conditions is often good enough.  While that intended dadao is to be nearly impossible to break while being difficult to use, mostly as a strength training tool.  And as a backup, nearly impossible to cleanly break so if it is used in a fight in a residence, it can maim and kill until it stops.  So size is to generate higher displacement more easily, with the result being more easily withdrawn from materials and fallen bodies.

   So hidden in sight can involve what resembles a floor lamp, with four legs for supporting it in the upright position.  While being a double edged ax made of Phosphor Bronze, this will easily keep moving during a in apartment fight once it gets moving.  With destruction being easily possible, in-spite of polyester velour tapestry on the walls hinting to the contrary.  And molded or otherwise processed from one piece of metal, that double edged ax will not easily break or otherwise loose functionality.

Velour comes in both polyester and cotton variations to be both stretchy and comfortable.

   With comfortable velour clothing, being part of the presentation.  As in cotton velour being a wonderful option.  While interlock jersey and double jersey breath near the body, so as to avoid excessive moisture accumulation.  With jersey fabric with its stretch and comfort, leading to its own group of complexities.

The jersey fabric, is both comfortable and clingy.

   And tapestry helps with people feeling comforted, because it conceals shelving with scary things on it.  With bronze daggers all having a place to rest, ready for some attackers, that have studied enough to remove the tapestry.  Only to reveal more death to become possible, than what they were searching for.  With steel wire mesh furniture looking innocent just like wicker furniture looks innocent.  While those not familiar with difficulties bulkiness creates, even with lightweight items, will be deceived with these.  Because being some distance from the center of balance even for a light object, can make it seem massive, unless it is basically being allowed to pass on its way.

   Chairs, stools, and ladders, all can when made of a springy form of wire mesh, create a series of interesting results.  While at the same time creating the appearance of nothing of serious presence, then once cut having edges to cut into people.  So a wire bench low enough to be stomped on, can launch a person into the ceiling.  Unless this was a two-floor living area, with a wide open central area.  Then metal grating for walking on, along with other possible materials.  And solid railing to avoid accidentally falling off the area.  With built in bench to create a reading area, with back to the rail and option of people choosing to jump over the rail.  This converts books into a thermo-mass example much like rammed earth construction involves thermo-mass.  And green roofs along with fire-resistant versions of foam existing, to reduce daytime temperature shifting.  So in this idealized structure, a stove is to reduce the moisture level and potential indoor chill.  For a structure like this, finding exposed rock at or near the surface near a hill top will be ideal.  Resulting in a nice looking structure not sinking into the hilltop.
   Creating the library first, then following it up with certain books able to enter into the selves.  With some books lasting longer than other books, as just part of the complexity of how books are assembled.  And plain looking books can be made out of acid free materials and bound with acid free bindings.  Yet those are not likely to be the first books to find their place into the library, because empty space usually attracts the most available fillers for that space.  Followed by more long-term fillers of that space becoming available, in the future.

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