Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reaching sensitive areas and dealing with stiffness.

   The dealing with sensitive areas, means avoiding permanent damage to those areas.  And some sensitive areas are stiff, so the goal is to loosen the stiffness instead of causing pain.  So articles and plenty of products exist to avoid certain difficulties, while extra care is required for natural product.  Including difficulty with cleaning up the natural products.
   And areas can acquire a sensitivity, from the result of following the advice found in bad types of video.  Yet the correction of the situation after the fact is the important thing. While examples of skirts exist that are not restrictive, there are difficulties, such as my needing to be measured accurately.

   While circle skirts are fuller, without pleats or folds.  And even though the mini-skirt is not binding the wearer.  A short-skirt with its hemline above the knee will often be good enough.  So a Pencil Skirt can be a short version, with need of a vent for movement.  With clothing causing stiffness or hindering, access to certain areas.

   With kick-pleats being available on the pencil skirt, if a chain-mail over-skirt is on-top of the skirt.  This top of the chain mail skirt's vent, would need to have heavy enough reinforcement because of stress concentrations.  So it would be opposite of a spank skirt, with its extra access to sensitive areas.

   A form fitting an flexible approach, was smocking.  And this approach dealt with the dynamic nature of pleating, with this being one large topic.  Yet smocking has been replaced by elastic and for heavier fabrics, well defined fasteners.  As in the correct technology for the situation, so drawstrings are still usable, by assuming elastic and smocking might not be enough.

   Clothing can be a barrier, along with extra length and highly-flexible versions of implements for reaching leading to, lacking precision.  So short and stiff rods, along with greatly reduced length floggers.  Then short and stiff can have weight specific to some application, for encouraging the intended outcome, such as warming up muscles.  While some skirts can easily flip out of the way, such as circle skirts and box pleated skirts.

A guide to skirts is available, in a picture form.

   And for more information, with information from a slightly different image.
   With some patterns, enhancing the experience, such as having the ability to move out of the way.  Or even able to have the ability to as with carefully designed box-pleats, attach to another part of the outfit for holding out of the path of spanks.

   A short smocked dress, can be worn with thigh high stockings with hidden tops.  With hardly any weight, just like with tights and avoiding causing stiffness in a body.  And fabric requirements for that would be light weight fabric, while unlike elastic materials it could break more easily under stress.  As in a possible intended result, for a smocked dress to structurally fail as part of some drama.

   While Chinese martial arts uniforms are available from places such as, Tiger Direct.  With frogging that blends the uniform into the background group, then on hard or wet surfaces an item other than a cloth bottomed footwear might be used.  Even though felt soled footwear is for certain specialized environments, or thin layer of HDPE with a non-slip coating for hard materials.  Then going back to Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to spend time with the 108 move set and the 54 move set, would be enjoyable.

   With use of Taji being one method of reaching the stiffness, while others will become enraged at my methodology for not being good enough.  When I prefer to avoid the fashionable approach, for what is usable.  As for drama, there are people engaging in that approach all of the time.  To shape the society to compliance with long-term goals, for their perceived benefit.

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