Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm not that BJJ-Man at 310 Wedgewood Drive.

Adult Diapers

   These do not convert some individual into, some proud practitioner of Brazilian Jujitsu.  Yet bureaucrats can-not comprehend that fact. And even though when exhausted, that will not cause a Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) mindset.


   Will seek every advantage they can get, such as accusing people of desiring to learn about things where there is a lack of interest.  So just like listing lack of interest in BJJ as a personality change or other example of insanity, needing treatment with electrical mutilation or chemically caused degradation of the anatomy.  What else would such people do?
   Possibly going so far as to secretly express themselves, in an as far from the traditional masculine man image in secret as possible.  So I desire to help a certain crowd with their sense of identity, by assisting with introducing them to certain desires.
   Changes will soon enough happen.  And where will I go, possibly being cast into the Abyss with Misbehaving-Demons.  For the planting of compulsions into the minds of certain men, with my not being the one passionately indulging in all things BJJ.  I truly do care about the feelings of other people, without thinking excessively long about if toilet use is needed.

   And the possibility of certain men, looking up a certain video.  Found to contain, brief crotch shots of a woman.  So a certain magic can be experienced, as part of transforming men by proxy just like they want enforced conversions to their practices.  Here is the Hyper-Link so they can experience, provided they do have approved skipping the warning.

   And I have tested the hyper-link to be certain of its working.  So when the warmth is felt, with that familiar wetness.  Will some person be called to cast the evil into the Abyss, then I might be gone with the demonic forces.  For that reason, I might be different than people accuse me of being.

Keeping someplace clean

   As a suggestion that the opposite of being without mess, remains a possibility.  So follow a Hyper-Link, for destruction to be a possibility.  And take that medication to achieve those difficulties, for failing to take medication is Treatment Resistance.
   For the Internet has plenty of people to assist with transformation, as manifestations of mental health improvement.  As for if the demonic can manifest, cast the demons out in the name of some authority.

   And plenty of oversimplifications happen, such as not going after the higher level demons.  Such as the ones the Apostles could not cast out, such as through prayer and fasting being needed as part of a committed relationship.  With such a relationship with The Almighty being listed as itself being insanity, under this Demonic Nation.

If not knowing how to Deviate from normal.

   For those not knowing how to deviate from normal, I have attached a hyper-link that is also underlined.  So some alternative lifestyle options can be pursued by those believing me, to have the cultural approach often found by those practicing BJJ.

   And an alternative location is available, for these education audio files.  Just go to this hyper-link, for more details about the explicit nature of the adult content files.  Followed by my accusers listing this as, somehow being undeniable proof of desiring, everything BJJ.

Avoid Sissy Files

   These are findable at a variety of places, such as following certain people's hyper-links.  So I have provided this hyper-link, to assist in becoming a sissy.  With other files also being findable on the Internet.  Because I desire for certain men to use the other than CUT, versions of certain files.

   Then if something goes wrong, a collection of nasty things can arrive.  As part of a transformation process certain men can be accused of enjoying, along with secretly desiring.  Followed by a collection of curses, for dumbing them down.  Because removing the ability of people to function, remains what mental health services are built around.

   Complete with the possibility of even a few of the men, found to enjoy BJJ listing listening some curse file, as only having fun.  So to make finding this file easier, I have included this hyper-link so they can click and download.  For altering life from what they know, into something else, as a result of a strange compulsion for some of them to listen.

   With searches being easy enough to enjoy, along with a little effort to enjoy.  So with effort of following hyper-links, developing the feminine is possible.  And I desire for those men to develop the feminine enough, to guide them with this hyper-link.

Getting Stupid

   It is possible to neglect learning, with methods existing for doing this.  So this hyper-link is to a file, to assist in the process.  Then I can get plenty of blame, for what happens in a group to publicly humiliate people.  And done by people, through their incompetence to their own-selves.



   This actually does exist, with plenty of flash video to assist.  Along with packs for Audio-CD and down-loadable files, to encourage certain changes.  With the beginner items marked as to which advanced files rely on them.  So to assist, I have included this hyper-link.  For those foolish enough to follow my instructions, to even go so far as to enjoy the services of that woman.   

   And if this file actually harms any BJJ people or those sympathetic to BJJ, then cast me into the Abyss as happens to Demons.  Because if this destroys people, those people were either fragile, or possibly the demonic got involved.  

   So have them start messing themselves for emotional trauma, so mental health specialist can feel needed.  Along with also reporting me to those witches for spell-work to become investigated.  Because something more than this web-page needed to be aligned in a certain way, for the destruction to happen.

   For now, calm down and listen to, Pampers Sleep Time.  And enjoy some changed dreams, with pleasant thoughts of the comfort and protection supplied by Pampers.  Because like Mental Health, I can claim to care about the feelings of other people.


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