Thursday, November 5, 2015

I might be a Solitary Cottage Witch.

   With news of this able to enrage, but many things do not change much.  And by knowing the sacred, I will be better able to know how many things are also of great value.  For the creator of many things, has also created the common things.

   This actual witchcraft is not Wicca, even though some people are confused by all of the complexity of things.  It is witchcraft, not Wicca that I have been involved with.  With my feeling free to explore many great things, including science, in-spite of those that force Traditionalism Defined Christianity.

   As for Tai Chi, forces of Earth were being used.  With context being changed slightly, greater relaxation available with Yang Style is nice.  Yet enforcement of the fashionably violent alternatives, that is not an acceptable item.

   And if those in State of Federal level of witchcraft desire to question me, that is acceptable.  Because it might lead to my returning to Tai Chi Chuan, instead of some group that terrorizes then calls this sharing with other people.

   That which is in tune with the natural order of things, will last.  While that like Traditionalism Defined Christianity, has a limited quantity of days to continue.  With my family needing to only wait a period of time, before something decisive happens.

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