Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I should wear a dress, sometime.


   A tall sized version of an XL-Sized dress, would be nice.  With dark grey being nice, along with my with concealed wireless activated shock pads to the thigh part of the crotch.  While I do not know if I would look good in plum, while a different dress also has this dark grey option.  As for Dark Olive in an XL-Tall cut Maxi-Dress, the draped effect can be a nice thing.  While a Muted Olive Maxi-Skirt also has a place, even if only to enrage certain people.

   While pencil skirts, going below the knee are part of a get spanked fantasy.  With XXL-Sized skirts also being available, in those shorter lengths.  I enjoy the desire to feel the presence of the straight cut of a pencil skirt, with that below the knee length presence for my kneeling.  Combined with apparent modesty while I sit, knowing of some wireless control of electroshock opportunity.  As in electrically shocking with pads, the tops of those thighs in the crotch.  While extreme examples of punishment are available, as part of custom ordering of skirts because special materials are available.

   With some of these Skirts being made out of exotic materials.  While other places with special touches, can be into my size range for spanking skirts.  And some skirts just lack sizing information, even though a nice polish can be taken.

   Yet these skirts such as from this location, are part of a system.  Such as the nice length, to feel the restrictive presence combined with exposure.  As some dresses with certain length, will make possible.

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